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ALL symptoms - urine and blood tests HELP!!!!

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JessDahlia Sun 30-Mar-14 04:06:23

I first noticed I was developing a linea nigra as well as freckles/patches on nose and under my eyes and forehead. I also notice my palms and feed getting clammy and red, as well as back pain, tired, bloated and lack of appetite due to nausea. I tested. Nothing. Then I got what was a day of light bleeding, no clots, then a day of nothing, then a brief spotting only noticable when wiping, when I usually get 4-5 day period. I waited a couple days and tested again. Nothing. Went to doctor. Negative. He told me I was making up my symptoms and I left crying.
This week, left hip is audibly popping, really sore lower back and groin pain (like a stretched muscle feeling, position doesn't make a difference.) Breasts are sore, swollen,visible veins and are turning and nipples/surrounding area turning a deep pinky/purple when are normally tan color. MORE freckle spots now on cheeks and above upper lip.
Tested again and went to doc with a <1 hcg on the bloodwork. This was on Friday.
I have a bicornuate uterus and am wondering what is going on! IF I were pregnant its been almost 7 weeks since sex, thus app. 5+ weeks since implantation meaning I should test positive? If I am NOT pregnant than what is causing my symptoms? I asked the last doctor this and he said "I don't know".
IF ANYONE has experience this or has any input please help. I feel crazy, and I feel like the doctors think I am crazy or just dumb. I chalk it up to being just hormonal except they tested these as well as thyroid and glucose and said it was all fine! Then I figure I am just making too much of the symptoms and then they persist. I do not know what to do!!!!

Wurstwitch Sun 30-Mar-14 05:12:21

I would never have noticed those things at just 7 weeks, so either you are hyper-focusing and imagining symptoms because you really really want to be pg, or you know your body extremely well. Hard to say on an Internet forum.

I will say I've been convinced I'm pg loads of times though, and I really wasn't. Wishful thinking. And even in the three pg I've been through, I haven't noticed those things you list... Not really.

Hopefully someone will come along with something more constructive, and you get what you want.

CinnabarRed Sun 30-Mar-14 05:29:36

According to everything I've read, linea nigra only appears in the 2nd trimester.

Re freckles on your face, all of mine and the DSs' have come out in this lovely sunny weather.

GingerRodgers Sun 30-Mar-14 07:45:34

I've thought I might have been pregnant loads of times.
Only times I was, had a big fat line on a test.

Line on belly and dark patches on face happened at 30+ weeks.
Nipples only got sensitive/changed colour after 7/8 weeks.

Tea1Sugar Sun 30-Mar-14 08:01:50

I'm nearly 37 weeks and belly line only appeared around 30 weeks.

sarahquilt Sun 30-Mar-14 10:12:39

I don't think you'd get linea negra that quickly. It took me months but my hair is very fair.

eurochick Sun 30-Mar-14 10:41:15

The blood test is pretty definitive. Pregnancy symptoms are caused by the HCG (and other hormones) so if your HCG is under 1, that cannot be the cause of your symptoms. It must be something else.

JessDahlia Sun 30-Mar-14 19:39:49

I believe there is no way I am pregnant if all the tests are negative. HOWEVER the symptoms are not imagined. I never had freckles or linea before I noticed them starting about a month ago and are getting darker and more of them since then. I've documented the skin the changes with pictures because I wanted to KNOW if I was imagining it. Line is faint but getting thicker and darker, and so are the spots on my face. I am fair skin and dark hair (almost black). I live in Northern Alberta and there has been no sun or uv for months, trust me..I have never tanned in salons in my life. I am scared as to what is causing this as well as the breast changes which are just beginning. Last time intercourse was February 5th. It is now March 30. If I were preg I should have tested positive. I'm wondering if anyone then knows what ELSE could cause this????

surromummy Sun 30-Mar-14 19:46:41

Tbh the line isn't that clear on the picture, have you put on weight in the last few months? that can change skin appearance. as for freckles its my understanding that these are caused like sunburn by uv? in which case it doesn't even need to be sunny, just bright outside eg a bit like when its windy+cloudy but you still get sunburn.

JessDahlia Sun 30-Mar-14 20:06:35

Nope I weigh 125 believe it or not. And if you read what I said previously, the sun is only just emerging. Northern alberta has so little sun half the year it causes vitamin d defficiency in most of us.

JessDahlia Sun 30-Mar-14 20:06:50

thanks for the "help" guys.

GingerRodgers Sun 30-Mar-14 20:22:03

Well we're not doctors are we? And we're not there to run tests and diagnose you.
If you want a medical diagnosis I suggest seeing a medical professional.
You asked for an opinion, got one and you're not happy with it? Go and ask elsewhere then.

Jellymum1 Sun 30-Mar-14 20:25:10

jess go back to your doctor.

guayaba Sun 30-Mar-14 20:33:31

Not sure if this helps, but I did have a faint linea negra a few weeks (maybe 5?) after conceiving dc2, it then disappeared and has only come back in the third trimester. I showed it to dh and he was very surprised it came up so early.

amy246 Sun 30-Mar-14 21:16:27

I've always had the line there, ever since I can remember

Wurstwitch Mon 31-Mar-14 02:25:43

A quick wander round google suggests linea nigra can be present in non-pg women for other hormonal reasons, higher production of melatonin, or appear as part of the ageing process.

Melasma (darker patches on skin esp face 'mask of pg') can also be caused by hormonal imbalances other than pg, or by even quite short exposure to sun after a time without. It can also be caused by LACK of vit d. Have you been taking your supplements?

As I also live in alberta, and we've had a wee burst of spring and sunshine (not the last couple of days where it's snowing again) this might have been enough to trigger it? Or the fact you've been covered up and have gone all pasty and so any ordinary discolouration/ changes in skin tone will be way more obvious.

In other thoughts, have you been taking over the counter sleep aids, or any other medication?

It is of course theoretically possible that you are indeed pg. (And you clearly desperately want to be).

Probably you just need to relax and wait and see. Either everything will fade, or it will darker and you can get a referral to a dermatologist and ask them. They might have a better idea.

JustDanni Mon 31-Mar-14 11:13:57

The only syptoms I noticed at 7 weeks was bloating, pelvic pain and morning sickness.
Skin changes happen in the 2nd trimester.

I would demand they find out what is causing the syptoms if it is not pregnancy.
I can't imagine why you would be experiencing these syptoms together but I am not a doctor.
I would have them investigate the pains and skin discolouration at least.
Very unusual.

kilmuir Mon 31-Mar-14 11:17:28

I am deffo not pregnant and i have a linea nigra line.
Pay for a private scan, something would be there if pregnant

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