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Could the big day be far off?

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faithmarshalang Fri 21-Mar-14 16:39:57

I'm 35 weeks and 5 days pregnant and on wens I just felt heavy and had sight pains in my back. Yesterday I found out my baby is 2/5 palpable from what I read means baby 3/5 engaged.

Could I have early labour signs as I am restless,heavy having small pains and just feel heavy all of sudden from the wens

PenguinsEatSpinach Fri 21-Mar-14 17:36:48

Is this your first and have these signs meant anything in the past?

I'm 35 weeks too and have all those symptoms, was 3/5 engaged at my last appointment. I might, of course, have the baby early, but both my others were at least a week late.

First babies often engage or partially engage early I'm afraid, and backache and BH are pretty standard.

TBH, you probably don't want anything to happen for another week or so anyway, so you are term.

faithmarshalang Fri 21-Mar-14 17:39:18


This is my 2nd baby but with my 1st I had nothing no pain at all

So all the pain bit new to me. My 1st was 3 days early

PenguinsEatSpinach Fri 21-Mar-14 17:50:26

I didn't have much with my first but I had loads of pains and BH with my second from about 36 weeks. I think you do often get a lot more niggles second time. Fingers crossed though. A week or two early would be nice wouldn't it?

faithmarshalang Fri 21-Mar-14 19:05:09

Oh yes a week or 2 early would be nice

mlbear Fri 21-Mar-14 19:35:36

I saw my MW last Friday, was told baby is fully engaged, had a show Saturday & Sunday, backache & BH... but still no baby (37week now)
Hope your baby arrives soon for you, keep us posted smile

Sweetpea86 Fri 21-Mar-14 19:45:52

Can you feel the baby engaged, I've got a midwife app on Monday so I'm sure she will check, but this last week I've felt very heavy down below need a wee all the time, and when I get up I feel pressure down below. Been getting lots of twinges. Im36 weeks and this is my first

faithmarshalang Fri 21-Mar-14 19:46:14

Not long for you. Keep us posted. I hope mine comes round 37-38 weeks coz being heavy preg and dealing with 3 year old hard wrk lol

Sweetpea86 Fri 21-Mar-14 19:52:55

Yeah I'm hoping mine comes 37-38 weeks I'm so scared and excited but if I go over due I will rip my hair out. The last stretch of pregnancy is hard.

I don't have other children I don't know how you do it.

faithmarshalang Fri 21-Mar-14 19:57:19

I agree with you there. What ur due date

Sweetpea86 Fri 21-Mar-14 20:00:59

17th April seems like a looonnnng way off lol what's yours?

Fingers crossed we come soonish smile

faithmarshalang Fri 21-Mar-14 20:01:39

27th April seem so far away

Sweetpea86 Fri 21-Mar-14 20:06:39

Every body told me it would drag the last 4 -6 weeks and it is lol trying to keep busy but my feet have swollen need a pee constantly and got spd some days I can barely walk.

I NEED to go in to labour next week. Lol grin

faithmarshalang Fri 21-Mar-14 20:11:38

My 1st preg I got nothing I loved being preg this time round I hate it want her out driving me made keep getting pains tired can't get comfortable

mlbear Fri 21-Mar-14 20:19:32

Sweetpea, I feel heavy low & can definitely tell I've dropped. I got so.e period pains the week before my appointment, MW seemed shocked I was engaged so soon. A student MW did the feel, then got my normal MW to confirm it & said "I'm not surprised you've had pains, heads fully engaged!"
They struggled to find heartbeat with that trumpet thing cos he's so low, they've got to put the trumpet directly over the heart to hear & that's also low.
I do need to pee all the time!

MoominIsWaitingToMeetHerMiniMe Fri 21-Mar-14 20:20:58

faith if you're due 27th April aren't you 34+5, not 35+5?

faithmarshalang Fri 21-Mar-14 20:23:52

Oh ur right see even my brain not working right

MoominIsWaitingToMeetHerMiniMe Fri 21-Mar-14 20:31:25

Sorry blush it was more that I had a sudden panic, I'm due on the 28th and was wondering if I'd got how many weeks I am wrong blush

faithmarshalang Fri 21-Mar-14 21:39:59

Lol no it's me getting it wrong

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