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What were your signs of twin pregnancy?

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MrsHamsterCheeks Mon 17-Mar-14 21:36:55

I'm probably just freaking myself out but I've just found out I'm pregnant and I posted in chat about having several faint lines before giving in and doing a digital test and lots of posters replied that they had that too and it turned out to be twins confused

I'm only 5 weeks but I felt sure I was pregnant because my tummy looks/feels rounder. I do have two children already but was small with them - I feel conscious of my tummy already and have noticed glances from others. I have constant heartburn and my heartbeat feels faster, plus I've had some cramping and bad backache.

What were your early signs you were having twins?

vestandknickers Mon 17-Mar-14 21:41:29

I had no idea until my scan. Wasn't any bigger than my first (singleton) pregnancy and I had no real symptoms.

neversleepagain Mon 17-Mar-14 21:58:16

Horrendous morning sickness and a very early BPF (9DPO). Other than that, no idea at all.

The more pregnancies you have the bigger your uterus gets and you get bigger earlier.

Very, very strongly positive pg test- line up faster than the control line, awful morning sickness- anti emetics and prescription diarolyte level, showing easily by 8 weeks . Was still gobsmacked at my 12 week scan mind, I was also on medication for sickness with my first and thought I was showing as she was only 10 months when i conceived the dts, so thought it was just that my stomach was less toned.

Good luck!

Mintymoomoo Mon 17-Mar-14 22:05:15

I to was worried with this pregnancy that it might be twins, didn't help that the father is a twin and his twin had twins, but had my 12 week scan and def only one..... Phew

This is my 4th and I got a tummy almost straight away and the tiredness has been horrendous, I just think that when you get to your 3rd/4th you tummy mussels are just knackered and you pop out faster

Treecreeper Mon 17-Mar-14 22:13:01

This is my first pregnancy, so had no idea how I was supposed to feel, how big I was supposed to be getting in the early weeks. So I just carried on thinking everything was a normal singleton pregnancy.

I would joke a lot about having twins because it made my husband freak out and I found it funny! I had lots of funny dreams about twins too. I was OUTRAGEOUSLY hungry, and equally felt rather sicky at the same time, but was never sick. It was only at the 12 weeks scan when the sonographer said 'can you see what I can see' that we realised. In my heart though, I think I knew...but I really don't know how or why, as I had nothing to compare it to.

I hope you get what you want, either one or two! Good luck!!

confuddledDOTcom Mon 17-Mar-14 22:44:00

I had triplets, it was the only pregnancy where I was sick (I never normally get morning sickness) and my clothes were tight quickly. I didn't know until I lost them at 8 weeks how many I had.

slightlyinsane Mon 17-Mar-14 23:24:33

I found out at my 12 wk scan. I think abit like treecreeper, I new deep down it was twins. I had ms for the first time (4th pregnancy) I was beyond tired and although I was expecting to get bigger this time I was sporting a huge bump really early, really lucky its cold and iI could hide it under layers. There was also a lot of joking about it being twins, I think it's a way of trying to let yourself know to see how you'll react to it. I'm never going to joke about anything ever again.

Diamondsareagirls Tue 18-Mar-14 04:19:05

Awful morning sickness, felt slightly bigger than I thought I should be in the first 12 weeks although this is my first pregnancy so nothing to compare it to. The heartburn, back ache etc didn't start until much later on.

eeyore2911 Tue 18-Mar-14 06:43:57

Nothing really different initially between this one (twins) and my two singles... Now at 22 weeks however, I am lots bigger than I was with singletons lol! grin

Evie2014 Tue 18-Mar-14 06:50:25

It's hard to tell. I had morning sickness but not really debilitating. Enough to make me grumpy and withdrawn but not enough to not go to work. I bloated out really badly but put that down to bad luck.

However I did have a very strong feeling that there was more than one in there. I said it to DH and to another friend. I mentioned it so much that at the 12 week scan I wasn't really surprised. (Delighted, mind you, just not surprised.)

I really don't think you can "tell" from "signs" since every pregnancy is different. If everyone who had bad MS had twins the whole of the HG thread would be full of them!

happyAsASandboy Tue 18-Mar-14 07:44:34

Very few symptoms for me. Feint pregnancy tests until about 12 weeks (when I finally got a strong line), no sickness, no sore boobs (until later in pregnancy), bit tired but not too bad.

It was a complete surprise that I was carrying twins - found out at 12 week scan.

greentshirt Tue 18-Mar-14 07:49:10

Minty - twins are only genetic through the maternal line so you dont need to worry on that front!

I have a friend with 22 week old identical twins and they scanned her at 8 weeks as drs suspected after she was hospitalised 3 times with sickness.

eurochick Tue 18-Mar-14 07:54:54

Identical twins are completely random. Fraternal twins comes from a propensity to release more than one egg at once passed down the maternal line. The father's background has no influence on twins.

Annarose2014 Tue 18-Mar-14 10:03:55

I have fraternal twins, but on my Dads side (his sister had them). Does it have to be through your mum?

I've had a slight suspicion from the start, my line was crazy strong - like a marker pen! - at 5 weeks after the start of my last period, which means I wasn't pregnant that long. (I'm also 39 which adds to it)

But if my odds are no shorter than anyone elses I'll tell myself to relax & stop suspecting.

NigellasDealer Tue 18-Mar-14 10:06:43

Does it have to be through your mum? no i had fraternal twins and so did my dad's sister.

RaRa1988 Tue 18-Mar-14 10:27:46

I had symptoms from as early as 6DPO and tested positive at 10DPO. Mind, I'd lost one (vanishing twin syndrome?) by my second scan at 7+5.

Like others have said, subsequent pg show quicker than your first anyway, but also I'd reckon you're probably just bloated at 5 weeks. Might not mean anything at all.

Dumbledoresgirl Tue 18-Mar-14 10:29:40

For me, it was nausea when I had not had any morning sickness in 3 previous pregnancies. When the nausea abruptly stopped, I knew something was up (went on to lose one of the babies).

Annarose2014 Tue 18-Mar-14 10:33:32

Oh no Nigella! Well I've a good bit to go before a scan so I guess we'll see!

eurochick Tue 18-Mar-14 10:55:04

It doesn't have to be through YOUR mum but it has to be in some part of the baby's mother's family - it can't be through the baby's father because nothing he does can make your body throw out more than one egg at a time.

Both my parents have twins in their families and when I was having fertility treatment, some months there were signs that I was going to naturally release two eggs, so I definitely have the genetic tendancy towards twins (but am pg with a singleton).

thepiggotupandslowlywalkedaway Tue 18-Mar-14 12:36:58

I know I felt a lot worse early on in this pregnancy compared to my last, but thought it was just the luck of the draw. I had no idea that it was twins until an early scan. Ah, those immortal words: "Everything looks fine... and there's two of them."

neversleepagain Tue 18-Mar-14 12:41:40

thepiggotupandslowlywalkedaway I won't forget the words "Do you have twins in the family" I play it back in my head sometimes and still get goosebumps!

Rootvegetables Tue 18-Mar-14 13:48:55

I felt awful early on in this pregnancy and was in maternity clothes at 8 weeks as my stomach was so uncomfortable, I had much worse all day sickness too. Looking back I wasn't as shocked as I should have been when they said there's two in there, I think i half thought it a few times, my husband nearly fell off his chair!

LadyGoneGaga Tue 18-Mar-14 13:56:58

But ANYONE can have identical twins as that is just the embryo dividing into two at some point. You can have no twins in the family and have those.

FWIW my hCG was crazy high (5x normal) at 12 week bloods, much higher than with my older two, felt terrible. Having a singleton pregnancy. Don't think there was a vanishing twin or anything as was no sign of that at scan at 7 weeks.

WolfMoon Tue 18-Mar-14 14:15:04

I didn't have any symptoms at all to suggest anything was different - right up until the moment the sonographer said "They both look fine - oh, you're having twins by the way!"

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