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Old wives tales and labour

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feellikeadairycow Mon 17-Mar-14 20:43:04

Well I've been rather busier than usual today and just realised I've unintentionally indulged in several activities wich are supposed to induce labour

I'm now rather interested in seeing if they will work and thought I would share with you

I have been super active with long walk and shopping
Eaten almost a whole pineapple
Had a hot curry for dinner
Bounced on my ball to ease my achey back
Raspberry leaf tea (sil got for me drank to be polite)

I've had BH for weeks but the last few days have slowly ramped up the pain, duration and frequency

Iv got 2 and a bit weeks to go to EDD and was not planning on doing all this it's just happend so will now wait and see x

SicknSpan Mon 17-Mar-14 21:22:45

Oh good luck! I remember trying all of these from about 37 weeks but not sure if they had any bearing on ds2 arriving a week early or not. Used a lot of loo roll though ;)

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