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Dilated kidney on scan...

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DizzyCow63 Tue 11-Mar-14 22:42:26

We had our Babybond gender scan tonight (it's a boy grin ) and the sonographer said that our baby has one dilated kidney. She said this was nothing to worry about as there was enough amniotic fluid around him, but that the consultant will probably bring it up at my 20 week scan, which is two weeks tomorrow, and she wanted to make me aware. She also said they will probably just scan baby shortly after birth to check his kidneys.

It's hard not to worry despite her reassurances that it is unlikely to be serious, and a quick google hasn't helped! Has anyone been told similar and everything been ok?

mostlyconfused Wed 12-Mar-14 01:00:22

Hi. I was told the same at my 20 week scan and booked in for another scan at 30 weeks to check it again. Everything was fine at 30 weeks. Apparently it's more common in boys than girls also. I also goggled it and panicked!
I know it's hard not to worry but the chances are it'll be fine and the worst that will happen is he'll need some antibiotics when born.

5madthings Wed 12-Mar-14 01:02:57

My ds1 had this, pelvic renal dilatation they capled it. Had an extra scan at about 30wks and he had his kidneys scanned after birth, at 6wks and three mths. Just ultra sound.

He also had low dose antibiotics for the first three mths to prevent infection.

It cleared on his own, he is now 14 and 5 9" And needing to shave!

DizzyCow63 Wed 12-Mar-14 07:38:21

Thank you both, that's reassuring! I think I was so excited to find out the gender, I never thought of anything else and it threw me and I panicked a bit, but hopefully it will be as easily sorted.

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