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Pregnant whilst on maternity leave

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summer1235 Sun 09-Mar-14 10:06:57

I am currently on Maternity Leave, due to go back to work in August this year. I have this week found out I am pregnant again (my little boy is currently 6 months!). Baby No.2 is due early November, so I will be 6 months (or so) pregnant when I am due to go back to work in August. If I don't go back to work does anyone know if I am entitled to maternity leave and what my rights are? 2nd question - can I go back to work 6 months pregnant and leave after 2 months? And If I did this am I entitled to maternity leave again? All a bit new to me, so would really appreciate some advice! Thank you

RicStar Sun 09-Mar-14 10:17:59

You need to check your contract for any rules on enhanced mat pay which you may well nit qualify for / you may need to return to work not to have to pay back any already receieved. I have never worked anywhere with enhanced pay but as far as i know they can attach whatever criteria they like. as far as smp goes you can claim this from 29weeks for you new pregnancy & you would be entitled to do so even if dates mean you never go back in to work.

Foodylicious Sun 09-Mar-14 11:49:51

It all depends on where you work and their maternity policy. you are likely intitled to mat leave but maybe not mat pay.
Check out the web page and can you get someone at work to discreetly get you a copy of the policy?

I know for me to get full mat pay I have to agree to return to work for 3 months so I presume I would need to work for 3 months between mat leaves to get full mat pay again, but really not sure confused

If this was the case for you would you be able to go back to work a couple of months early??

either way you should still get SMP, but check out the page

Oh and Congratulations!!!

KitKat1985 Sun 09-Mar-14 12:36:59

You may have to check the small print, but to keep all my maternity pay I would have to go back to work (doing the same number of hours) for at least 3 months after the leave, otherwise they can ask you to repay most of the money (I.E, all except SMP). I think this is a fairly normal 'clause' so I think it is unlikely you could go back for only 2 months. You may need to return from maternity leave early to be able to qualify to keep your current accrued pay. I would strongly recommend speaking to your line manager / HR asap about this. xxx

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