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pregnancy 2 how to cope with exhaustion when already a mum

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mummymoppet Sat 08-Mar-14 11:26:06

I just found out I am pregnant again. I already have a four year old and am absolutely exhausted, I am going to bed when my daughter does at 7pm sleeping through till 7am when she gets up and I am still thoroughly exhausted, I have all the symptoms of last time too, the sickness, my boobs are in agony... But this exhaustion I just don't ever remember it being so bad, I ache physically and spend the day struggling to keep my eyes open and doing silly things my memory is shocking does anyone have any advice on how to combat the exhaustion because I am needed to be a mum and not fall asleep every ten minutes.

musicalmrs Sun 09-Mar-14 12:39:14

I'm really struggling too. 9wks here, and a 22 month old. She's being adoreable and lovely, but I flake out in the middle of the afternoon and can't do much. Thankfully she's quite happy to watch a little bit of Cbeebies then, which is enough to get me through... and then I let her gallivant around the garden in the late afternoon to wear her out (rather than the park, which I can't manage at the moment).

In my case, I'm freelance so work evenings, weekends and during her naps if she has them. Wish I had your option of going to bed at 7pm -often I'm still up gone 11.30 sad

mummymoppet Mon 10-Mar-14 09:40:11

I feel all of your pain, and I hate ginger but I am nibbling ginger biscuits and they do take the edge off the nausea at least, definitely worth a try. I'm also so thirsty all the time and have gone up several cup sizes already.... It feels like this pregnancy is in fast forward....struggling to figure out if I had just forgotten all this last time or if it really is just totally different this time around.

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