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Can someone reassure me?

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Keenoonvino Thu 06-Mar-14 11:55:58

This is my 6th pregnancy, I have one DC. I had a missed miscarriage in sept. Then a miscarriage in dec. in all miscarriages except one I had no bleeding just sad news at a scan of no heartbeat.

I was feeling a bit sick with this pregnancy and was loving it to be honest. Made me feel like pregnancy was going well. A couple of days ago I started to feel well. I'm at about 8 + 4 now. I have another scan next thurs. Had a scan at 7 weeks where they saw heartbeat. Sadly in my last pregnancy I had a good 8 week scan then at 10 weeks they said baby had died.

I am so upset. I'm convinced something's gone wrong again because of my loss of symptoms. The nurse said there's no point having a scan now as even if it's ok it's around next week time that's proved to go wrong in previous pregnancies.

Sorry for the long post. Just so upset sad

Roseandmabelshouse Thu 06-Mar-14 12:01:37

Hand holding. I have been in your shoes, so understand the waiting is agony - it doesn't get easier. I've had very few symptoms second time around, but so far so good. I coped by staying busy and ignoring the fact I was pregnant.

All you can do it hope and pray xxx

Keenoonvino Thu 06-Mar-14 12:10:21

Thanks Rose I appreciate the handhold

allisgood1 Thu 06-Mar-14 17:55:39

I have had 6 pregnancies (well, on my 6th) and 2 DC. With this one, I was the same as you, feeling sick and LOVING it...then came 7 weeks and it was gone. I rushed for a private scan and we saw a healthy bean smile A week later I STILL had no symptoms, so went back for another scan and all was still good. I had my 12 week scan last week and all is great. I basically had no symptoms from 7-9 weeks and then it hit me and hasn't let up since (currently 13 weeks). The fact that you saw a hb at 7 weeks is reassuring, hang in there and repeat the mantra whenever anything bad comes into your head "all is good" until the bad thought goes.

Eminybob Thu 06-Mar-14 18:07:42

I'm so sorry for your losses. I had a missed miscarriage last year and although the baby died at 5 weeks I had terrible morning sickness right up until I had medical management at 8 weeks. So I don't think sickness is a gauge of how the pregnancy is progressing.

Good luck with this one, I know how you are feeling, I'm currently 19 weeks and still worry every day that something could go wrong.

I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for you thanks

Keenoonvino Thu 06-Mar-14 18:27:09

Thank you both so much. I've just had a little cry. I think if I didn't have last few times to go on (loss of symptoms then loss of baby) i wouldn't feel so paranoid or sad. I am trying to keep busy, have a friend coming to stay this weekend and I'm hoping next thurs will be here soon. In a way, at least I can keep the hope going till then.

Really appreciate the time you've taken to reply

Mummyk1982 Thu 06-Mar-14 18:50:05

I've never been in your situation, but I recall having few symptoms and being nervous of my scan so can empathise to an extent. Hope all is ok for you x

LucyB1 Thu 06-Mar-14 18:55:28

All my fingers and toes are crossed for you xx

Keenoonvino Tue 11-Mar-14 17:04:29

I just wanted to update in case anyone reads this in the future worrying. I had a scan today as the anxiety was proving too much for me. I was a little earlier than i thought - they dated me at 8 + 6, but there was a little baby there and a heartbeat. I was so relieved. I was sobbing before they'd even done the scan!

Obviously it's still early and I have another scan in 10 days, but for now the loss of symptoms for me haven't proved bad news.

Emilycee Tue 11-Mar-14 17:29:25

Oh bless you hun, so pleased today's scan went well for you. I hope the next 10 days goes quickly and sending best thoughts and wishes and good luck vibes.

hellymelly Tue 11-Mar-14 17:31:32

Delighted for you that the scan was all good. Wish you the best of luck for the rest of your pregancy.

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