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Pain under rib

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SylvanMuldoon Wed 05-Mar-14 00:28:46

I'm 37 weeks and have had a pain almost like a stitch under my rib on one side for the last couple of days, it's really sore! Anyone else got this or know what it is? It feels almost bruised?

Innogen Wed 05-Mar-14 00:47:02

My long baby's (6 foot 7 dad in 5 foot 5 me) was stuck under my rib!

dats Wed 05-Mar-14 00:57:22

I'm 33+1 and for about the past 5-6 days have a pain a bit like a pulled muscle just below my ribcage on the right. Sort of the top of my bump. It only seems to appear as the day progresses and makes me want to curl forwards as if that would relieve the pulling feeling, but I can't because there's no room! It's really uncomfortable! So I have no idea if that's what you have, or what it is, but just to say: ouch! Bored of this now!

Innogen Wed 05-Mar-14 01:20:38

Foot that should be! I had her foot stuck under my rib!

DreamToSleep Wed 05-Mar-14 02:19:18

Have you had your blood pressure and urine checked recently? I would mention this pain to your midwife. Not meaning to worry could well be positioned awkwardly but always best to be checked as right upper tummy pain can be a sign of pre eclampsia.

DreamToSleep Wed 05-Mar-14 02:21:09

It does usually come with other symptoms though like headaches and visual disturbances.

ihaveacrazycat Wed 05-Mar-14 02:55:05

Not sure how much better this will make you feel but I had similar pain from about 20weeks & was made worse by sitting at a desk ( my work position!)
Basically baby had her feet happily tucked under my rib cage! Would occasionally give me a good kick in it too! Only thing that helped a little was to stretch my arms up above my head when sitting for prolonged periods. Trying to stand & move around helped too.
Least you haven't got long to go!!wink

HannahG315 Wed 05-Mar-14 03:07:42

I'd ring the midwife for this. Especially regarding the other symptoms you've described. Always best to hear from the pro!

Whowouldfardelsbear Wed 05-Mar-14 03:15:27

Is it the right side? I had similar pain and a lot of itching. Turned out to be Obstretic Cholestasis and the pain was caused by my inflamed liver. I would ask your midwife to check.

SylvanMuldoon Wed 05-Mar-14 08:20:39

Yes it is on the right side eek! I keep having to stretch my arms up as well, to ease it. Had BP checked on mon, was fine but will give MW a call today, thanks!

Monkeybrain10 Wed 05-Mar-14 09:27:31

I have had this too for last couple of weeks. Feels like bruised ribs on the right, plus sore itchy skin on the surface. Not sure my baby should be high enough yet for it to be a foot (am just 24weeks) ? I read that rib pain is common due to stretching of the diaphragm etc. I asked the physio but she didn't know. Can't be bothered to ask my midwife as she just smiles smugly and ignores all my questions. (Is that normal? I'm a first timer). Mine is also releaved by stretching up. Hope everyone's ribs stop hurting soon!

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