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27 weeks, painful bump/Braxton Hicks, general grumpiness and itchy norks. Anyone else want to join in a whingefest?

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SicknSpan Mon 03-Mar-14 11:10:20

Firstly, my bump is so sore when I'm moving around. This is baby no. 3 so I had been told to expect more BH's, earlier, but this is silly. It's almost as if whatever needs to stretch inside around my bump hasn't stretched enough and I'm getting what I presume are muscular aches and pains even when just reaching across my desk at work for a pen.

BH's are almost constant too and very uncomfortable. They "sting".

Has anyone else had this? It's really getting me down being in so much discomfort all the time.

It doesn't help that I'm feeling miserable in myself, either. I feel dreadful that I really am not enjoying pregnancy one little bit this time, I don't want to do anything or see anyone (even my family really) I just want to go to sleep for the next 13 weeks! Feel so guilty when there are lots of women who would give their eye teeth for a healthy pregnancy.

My nipples are unbelievably itchy, starting to flake a bit too (same with previous children) and I want to get a pumice stone on them but think that would a) hurt b) be inappropriate at work.

I can't concentrate properly on my job, and working on a really really important project with a deadline just a week before I start mat. leave. I'm winding myself up about it and having a few sleepless nights.

I would say whinge over but I don't think it is really. Something else will crop up!

Please tell me other people have these sorts of grumps and it's not just me!

Biffle Mon 03-Mar-14 13:36:19

You're really not alone sick. Am also expecting #3 and finding it emotionally really difficult to cope, not helped by the fact DP works away Mon - Fri and I am on my own with the other two whilst working full time.

Lost all interest in work and am generally grumpy / uncomfortable / tearful etc.

SicknSpan Mon 03-Mar-14 20:30:59

Biffle have some thanks and cake. That must be a nightmare with dp away! "Lost interest" is spot on- I feel like my zest and sparkle has disappeared. Dc now in bed sleeping- yours too I hope and that you have an appointment with something soft and comfy to lounge on?

Inglori0us Mon 03-Mar-14 22:45:23

It's just bleak. I enjoyed my last pregnancy but I can't remember how or why.
34 weeks now. My DH is often away with work too, carpal tunnel is agony and I'm the size of a cow.
I fucking hate wearing leggings.
I want a pint of wine.
This is it. No more babies.
Never again. Ever.

Biffle Tue 04-Mar-14 09:56:11

Inglorious a pint of wine sounds like heaven ... think that might sort me out! lol

Had a lovely lounge on the sofa last night when girls went to bed, watched OBEM and then had quite possibly the best night's sleep ever. Woke up feeling much better but now I am at work am falling into my little black hole again.

Inglori0us Tue 04-Mar-14 10:23:22

I sobbed at OBEM.
Toddler was up at 6am yelling "Hellooooo!"'at her bedroom door.
I've asked my mum to come round for an hour so I can slump on the sofa.

moomin35 Tue 04-Mar-14 11:45:19

27 weeks and already on mat leave - bored and my due date cant come soon enough!

Blueskiesandcherrypies Tue 04-Mar-14 12:47:55

Same here, without the BHicks. 29 weeks with 4th (and final) baby, have cervical stitch so supposed to be taking it easy (ha!), am anaemic (iron tabs helping), am having 4th c section so feeling anxious, and am waiting for appointment to have dodgy mole on back checked out. Grim.

10 weeks and counting......

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