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Pain beside belly button

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Luckystar1 Thu 27-Feb-14 18:35:31

Hello I'm 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow. For the last week and a half, I've has a bruise like pain right beside my belly button. I can't be sure if the pain has increased, or, if it's just my awareness of it.

I haven't had any bleeding. I know no one can tell me definitely, but is there a possibility of ectopic with pain in that region?

I have contacted my local EPU (paranoid after a mmc in Sept), and they said they weren't worried as there is no bleeding.

But obviously I'm still concerned!

Thank you for any reassurance/experience!

K8eee Thu 27-Feb-14 21:15:16

Hi op, the only thing I can recall is my lower abdomen feeling tender and bruised around this time and a bit later on. turns out it was my uterus stretching, so possibly stretching pains?

Luckystar1 Thu 27-Feb-14 21:30:04

Thank You! Fx that's what it is!

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