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Incontinence in pregnancy

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HeavenK76 Mon 24-Feb-14 23:11:58

Incontinence, when did it start, how bad was it, when was it at its worst, what did you do about it, did you use panty liners/pads??

Suggestions, advice and ideas please

This is reallyyy annoying sad

Jolleigh Mon 24-Feb-14 23:58:33

I had a horrendous case of the sneeze wees in the first trimester but it seems to have buggered off now hmm

I'm guessing it's a new issue for you? How bad is it?

catameringue Tue 25-Feb-14 04:33:46

Panty liners were a must due to the lady bits acting oddly anyway.
I'm 32 weeks, had one minor incident a few months ago so started doing pelvic floors every so often and that stopped it for me. Though I've noticed baby is heavier now and bearing down on my bladder so fingers crossed no issues other than frequent loo visits.

Cariad007 Tue 25-Feb-14 12:57:46

I had a little bit of leakage the few times I was sick in trimester one but I think the act of vomiting puts such a strain on you that even if you weren't pregnant you might wet yourself a bit! Did my pelvic floors religiously and had no other problems. Am now a week post-birth and no incontinence issues (hopefully!) and everything seems to be healing nicely. It's also such a relief to no longer need to pee every five minutes!!

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