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What to buy with voucher??

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Em1503 Thu 13-Feb-14 09:54:59

Hi, I've got a £10 off voucher when I spend over £30 at mamas and papas. It expires in a few weeks and I still won't know the sex of my baby by that point (currently 16 weeks). Therefore in just wondering what I could buy that I'll need to buy at some point anyway that aren't gender related?? Any ideas? Seems a shane to let the voucher go to waste! Nothing big like a pram etc yet! Thanks!

PenguinsEatSpinach Thu 13-Feb-14 09:56:44

Maternity clothes for you?

Unisex baby clothes?

Moses basket if you plan on buying a posh one, ditto things like changing mat?

Really the only thing you can't buy is sex-specific clothing.

LegoCaltrops Thu 13-Feb-14 10:00:11

I would spend it on maternity clothes (if you need any yet), a bath thermometer, bath toys, baby books. Have you got a baby monitor yet?

Happy spending!

LastOneDancing Thu 13-Feb-14 10:02:34

Plain white vests/ sleepsuits
Cot sheets/cellular blankets/ lovely bedding
Baby bath or seat thing
Changing mats (I'm told I'll need 2)
Bouncy chair?
A couple of bottles (just in case or for expressing)
Dummies (maybe)
Cuddly toy!

I've got a M&P voucher too... and £5 off at Mothercare... and £15 at vertbaudet...! I'm sort of wishing I'd found out the sex!

Artandco Thu 13-Feb-14 10:09:04

Pretty much anything, just not a dress

- some plain white babygros/ vest
- muslin clothes
- little cardigan
- baby hats/ mittens
- baby bouncer
- sling ( if they sell decent ones)

My advice is write a long list of everything you think you need, then go through and cross out what you prob don't need and waste of money/ space
Baby bath - do you have a kitchen sink/ bathroom sink? Plus a shower or bath for yourselves? Prob fine.
Bath thermometer- really? I'm sure you have managed all your life to run a bath/ test water temp with hand/ elbow. Do same with baby
Baby shoes - can they walk? Nope. Babies feet have virtually no muscle so hard to bend to for in shoes. Save money for a year later when they actually need ( saves sanity also)

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