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Third trimester - what should I eat to feel full?

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Nyborg Sat 08-Feb-14 21:45:44

I'm at 30 weeks and need to eat something little every few hours or else I get hungry and then ANGRY. Not fun for me or anyone around me. I'm a bit overweight generally, but lost a lot of weight during five months of morning sickness, and I'm hoping not to gain tons of unnecessary weight between now and the birth. I'm not vain and happy to put on any weight that my body requires for the pregnancy, but I need to have some ideas for sensible, filling food or else I'll just chain-eat Cadbury's Mini Rolls. Any ideas?

dats Sat 08-Feb-14 22:00:18

Low fat/fat free yog (Total 0% Greek is great), banana (optional), skimmed milk and frozen berries (I like blueberries best) - bung in blender for yum frozen sort of milkshake thing which is thick, sweet, creamy, icy and filling.

Porridge made in microwave with half skimmed milk/half water, frozen blueberries, blob of yog (as above) and a teaspoon of golden syrup.

I did WW for a bit before I got preg, after giving up smoking and out of sheer greed became quite creative at getting the max food and flavour in me for the lowest amount of points!

dizhin79 Sat 08-Feb-14 22:37:21

oatcakes and toast with peanut butter and banana, cereal, fruit, carrot sticks and hummus. these are all tasty treats I enjoy atm!

Misty9 Sat 08-Feb-14 22:57:07

Protein will fill you up for longest, so meat cheese and nuts to snack on. I'm 31wks and also ravenous a lot of the time. Cheese puffs and cornflakes (not together of course) are my current favourites.

Ilovekittyelise Sat 08-Feb-14 23:05:27

at the point where i was still bothering to care i was making lots of filling soups for lunches with lentils, pearl barley etc and houmous and oatcakes for snacks, whole earth peanut butter, apple and cheese....

for the last month i have eaten everything in sight without shame or regard for the consequences. can hardly wait to go in to be induced tomoro and have the super morbidly obese box ticked!

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