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Itchy skin = boy?

(26 Posts)
justhayley Sat 01-Feb-14 00:23:08

Hiya doing a bit if gender guessing here.
Iv read the old wives tale that if your sky is dry & itchy in pregnancy your likely having a boy, and it's it's soft & moisturised a girl.

With DS1 my skin got so itchy I would cry it was horrific, & I still have tiny scars where I made myself bleed shock

I'm now 15 weeks with DC2 & I'm starting to itch again confused it's not toooo bad yet but it's already starting to bug me.
Iv been convinced I'm having a girl up until I got the itch.

Anyway had horrible itchy or dry skin and had a girl?

Last time my MW said there's some truth in this myth - something to do with the difference in hormones & people with other allergies (me) being more sensitive to them.

What do you ladies think?

justhayley Sat 01-Feb-14 00:24:42

Sky = skin
Anyway = Anyone
Dam phone

peapop Sat 01-Feb-14 07:39:04

I've never heard that as an old wives tale but I have just found out I'm having a boy and my skin is ridiculous! my hands are the worst- red raw!
Everyone was convinced I was having a girl tho cos of my extreme emotions blush sweet cravings and my hair has grown so long since i fell pregnant but he was very obviously a boy on that scan!!

ShoeSmacking Sat 01-Feb-14 07:44:20

Peapop, excessive itchiness, particularly on hands or feet can be a sign of obstetric cholestasis. You should mention it to your midwife who will do a blood test.

Anecdotally, oc seems to be slightly more common in women having boys if I recall my research right. But it's not definitive v

absentmindeddooooodles Sat 01-Feb-14 07:44:38

Ive heard theres some truth in it toom like you say something to do with the different hormones.

When I had ds I literally wanted to rip my skin off was that bad!!!

My mum has 3 girls and one boy. Only ever got itchy with my brother.

I have no idea if its true, just what ive heard and experienced!

And congratulations smile

Strongecoffeeismydrug Sat 01-Feb-14 07:44:55

I've got dry itchy skin this time and I'm having a girlgrin.
Didn't have it with the other 2 and one was a boy and one was a girlwink so I've problem given you no help what so ever wink.

BartBaby Sat 01-Feb-14 07:55:15

I'm fairly itchy and having a girl. Not rip my skin off itchy, but definately enough to keep me awake sometimes in the night.

Whowouldfardelsbear Sat 01-Feb-14 08:04:07

I was so itchy I drew blood scratching my legs. Turned out to be obstetric cholestasis - you should certainly get this ruled out.

Oh - and it was a girl grin

Writerwannabe83 Sat 01-Feb-14 08:41:39

My skin had been absolutely fine and I'm having a boy smile

justhayley Sat 01-Feb-14 22:00:23

Bit of a mix, whatever I'm having the itching is getting worse confused

HamletsSister Sat 01-Feb-14 22:02:21

Bad eczema anyway but much, much worse with DS than with DD.

TeenageMutantNinjaTurtle Sat 01-Feb-14 22:04:32

Terribly itchy skin with dd1.

Terribly itchy skin with dc2 but we don't know if it's a boy or girl yet... My feeling is a girl but we'll have to wait and see.

Old wives tale, definitely!!

sarahquilt Sat 01-Feb-14 22:33:39

My skin has been very itchy and I'm having a girl.

Tomkat79 Sat 01-Feb-14 23:11:25

Girl due and my legs bear the scars of the horrendous itching I had in the first 12 weeks!

SaucyJack Sun 02-Feb-14 00:24:33

I've been itchy with every single pg, and I've had two definite girls plus one alleged girl on the way.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sun 02-Feb-14 00:25:52

Itchy skin = you need to moisturise!

sleepywombat Sun 02-Feb-14 05:03:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Fedup1992 Sun 02-Feb-14 05:53:02

I'm 39 weeks don't no whet the baby is but iv just woke up itching. Iv had a bath! Moisturised and still can't stop! Ahhhhhh xxx

PastaandCheese Sun 02-Feb-14 07:24:18

I had terribly itchy skin last time to the point where I'd wrap cold, wet tea towels around my legs and bump to calm it.

I have a DD.

Less itchy this time but I just assumed that is because everything has a bit more 'give' this time!

ThisIsYourSong Sun 02-Feb-14 07:30:21

For itchy skin you need Nutraplus. It's the best

lolalotta Sun 02-Feb-14 07:38:31

I have two DDs, can't remember wether I was itchy or not but at about 3 months my leg and underarm hair almost stopped re-growing! Or at least re-growth became very slow...barely had to get the razor out. That's how I had my suspicions I was having another girl as it happened first time round too!

PastaandCheese Sun 02-Feb-14 07:48:04

Lolalotta I've had that both times too. It's horrid when afterwards all the hair on your head falls out and your leg hair starts growing again isn't it?!

I had a DD last time and given the leg hair was the only strong girl sign I had last time I'll be interested to see if I have another DD in a few weeks time.

justhayley Mon 03-Feb-14 23:07:29

I moisturise A LOT saggy nothing works when pregnant confused

I had the slow hair growth thing with DS and again this time, including eyebrows - one good thing about pregnancy smile

FobblyWoof Mon 03-Feb-14 23:38:19

My skin was really itchy in my first pregnancy and I had a girl. I barely had any problems with my skin the second time round and had a boy smile

I found Astral moisturiser really good for my dry skin, it really helped ease the itching

ChicaMomma Tue 04-Feb-14 10:58:01

i doubt itchiness relates to the gender, i'd strongly suspect it's some other issue. For eg I was taking pregnacare during weeks 6-12, i was as itchy as HELL- midwife suggested i change over to some other type of prenatal vitamin- lo and behold, the itch went away, overnight..

oh, and FTR, am having a boy! but i honestly doubt it's related..

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