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twiglett Fri 05-Mar-04 21:12:01

message withdrawn

karen01 Fri 05-Mar-04 21:31:03

Twiglett I hope you feel better soon there must be something in the air, I am feeling realy down at the moment and tearful, i think due to hubby just going away and don't know when he will be back.m I have been crying on and off all night now, he has only been away 3 days so far and i have about another 15weeks (hopefully less) to go until he gets home again (if he can't get back for easter). I have just written him a letter telling him how I feel not sure whether i should send it as I don't want him to deel down also but on the other hand, why should i go through this and pg hormones on my own!!.

Sorry to whinge any way reallt do hope you feel better soon.

Take care and big hugs

collision Fri 05-Mar-04 21:35:24

Come and chat in the bar, Twiglett.....sometimes there are wise MN's in there. Hugs to you

Angeliz Fri 05-Mar-04 21:35:53

twiglett, i just wanted to say, i hope you feel better/happier soon
I think you're great, honest, and you always have me giggling my head off at my screen!

You'll have another lucky little being soon to love and amuse,(as you do), and i REALLY would love to give some good advice but all i can say is, hope you feel better soon+++++

fairydust Fri 05-Mar-04 22:16:07

twigg = i felt the same when i was carrying i was so depresed near the end all i did was cry.

If your midwife won't listen to you could you not see another one.

i didn't realise at the time of my pregnancy that i was depressed although it's obvius now i hated everything to do with babies and that included the one inside me.

Yet as soon as she was born in was fantasic - i really feel you should try n talk to a midwife stamp your foot down

Best of luck


twiglett Sat 06-Mar-04 10:56:19

message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Sat 06-Mar-04 11:18:10

oh twiglett, I've only just seen this, sorry you're feeling this way. As you might remember, I spent most of my second pregnancy miserable as sin, being horrible to dp (and I mean REALLY horrible - he's said recently that *he* couldn't go through it again - I think it really tested his love for me tbh), wishing I wasn't pregnant, irritated at everything and everyone and very down. So I can say "there, there, it's normal" if you like! It was for me anyway. It may well be your hormones, they're raging atm don't forget. Not sleeping well was completely getting to me near the end too. I found even the lack of sleep from a new baby was easier than pregnancy induced lack of sleep from being knackered and needing to wee all the time. If you've got asthma it must be much worse. How old's your ds? If he's sweet with the baby it'll be great and if he crowds her you can tell him so at the time but could you try telling yourself you won't worry about it until/unless it happens? I really do sympathise. I cried a lot too. Do you think this is ante natal depression? I can email Rhubarb and ask her what's happened to her site if you like - let me know if you want me to.
In the meantime be as nice to yourself as you can. And get some more chocolate in maybe?

highlander Sat 06-Mar-04 16:26:57

God twiglett, you poor thing.

I'm struggling to come to terms with how horrible the medical 'profession' can be to vulnerable women.

I hope you've got someone you can REALLY have a good moan to, face to face. If not, keep posting! Even with sweary words!

On a lighter note... after her first pregnancy my sister used to keep an old vanity case under her bed stacked with choccy bars for emergencies!

dinosaur Sat 06-Mar-04 21:44:10

twiglett it will be no comfort to you, but I'm feeling really down too at the moment and am sitting here in tears (have been crying all evening)

I don't know what on earth I was thinking of, getting pregnant - I can barely cope with the children I have.

Have just scoffed some chocolate but it doesn't seem to have done much good.

Tbh what I'd really like to do is get drunk - how pathetic is that!!!

FFS, this is pathetic. Sorry to hijack your thread. I hope you're feeling a bit better yourself.

twiglett Sat 06-Mar-04 21:53:03

message withdrawn

dinosaur Sat 06-Mar-04 21:55:39

maybe I should try the wallowing in a hot bath treatment

my DH has gone out on the p*** which doesn't help - well I'm quite glad he's not here, but he'll be the proverbial bear with a sore head tomorrow

still that will make two of us

poor bloody kids

twiglett Sat 06-Mar-04 21:56:06

message withdrawn

twiglett Sat 06-Mar-04 21:58:40

message withdrawn

Thomcat Sat 06-Mar-04 21:58:47

Twigglet - sorry sweetie, I feel all blue and teary today, had a big bust up with a mate. Sorry you feel the way you do. It might be batural to feel that way tbh, I felt that way in the weeks leading up to lotties birth. Really wanted to turn back the clock, it's just part of the fear of the unknown an d being all uinsur about how you'll coe with 2, but cope you will and well at that. I feel so sure that eveything is going to be okay, for both of us, we have to alow ourselves time to wallow anf then pick ourselves up and shoulders back, head up and smile. Lots of love babes xxx

Thomcat Sat 06-Mar-04 22:01:23

I so know what you mean. i HATE being sad and feeling sorry for myself, but it's HUMAn and it;'s allowed. You will be okay again but it's acceptable to feel low now and then Got to have ying where there is yang!
The fact that you angry with yourself for feeling low is good, it means you'll be snapping yourself out og it soon and be grateful again for all the good things in your life. We don't have a lot to be sad about but that doesn't mean we're not allowed to cry now anf then

twiglett Sat 06-Mar-04 22:04:01

message withdrawn

twiglett Sat 06-Mar-04 22:06:06

message withdrawn

dinosaur Sat 06-Mar-04 22:08:10

aw thanks twiglett - and thanks for the virtual drink

I just feel so undeserving - I have two gorgeous kids who before they went to bed kept saying "Don't cry, Mummy" and "Please don't cry any more Mummy" and "Stop crying Mummy" (well, it's all good empathy practice for my autistic spectrum DS1 ) but honestly how can I be such a miserable cow! And I got pregnant first time this time around - I'm am so damn lucky and I just don't appreciate it.

Thomcat Sat 06-Mar-04 22:13:04

That is a great film, you should watch it if you'r not too tired, Mr Depp is fantastic in it. Really good / funny character. Not sure this mate thing will be resolved, at least not for a long while yet. Anyway, lets allow ourselves a moment of wallowing and then when our in your bath think of the things in your life you are grateful for and think what a great paymate you are about o have for chikd number 1 and how they will both provide you with wonderfu grandchildren one day and how they will talk on the phone to each other about what home to put you in!!!!! err maybe not, just tying to make you smile because I think you're a nice person.

coppertop Sat 06-Mar-04 22:14:11

Twiglett, I hope you start feeling better soon. I realised the other day just how many of my posts start with "I agree with Twiglett"!!

I hope the rest of you get through your 'misery-attacks' soon too. xx

Thomcat Sat 06-Mar-04 22:15:03

Oh dinosaur - missed that you were down TOO. At least you pregant birds have hormones to blame! Can yu apply my words to Twiglett to you too?!

twiglett Sat 06-Mar-04 22:17:56

message withdrawn

dinosaur Sat 06-Mar-04 22:25:22

thanks twiglett - I'll check it out

and thanks too thomcat, and I'm sorry to hear about your crap day and the bustup with your mate

btw I showed my DSs the photos of Lottie and I'm afraid she's got some more admirers now...

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