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35 weeks and measuring 38!!

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scaredoflabour Thu 21-Nov-13 21:21:01

So, mw app today and I'm measuring well over the 90th % on chart. I'm 35 weeks and measuring 38! On top of that baby's back to back despite weeks of crawling round on all fours and bouncing on birthing ball. sad
DS was back to back and induced at 16 days late and ended in emcs sad
DD was a successful vbac but I tore badly and she was only 7lbs and 10oz.

scaredoflabour Thu 21-Nov-13 21:24:10

sorry about all the sad faces. Just very nervous now and my dh works away so I don't even think he'll be within 4hrs of me when I do go into labour.

LadyMedea Thu 21-Nov-13 22:02:14

Try not to worry too much....

Have you always measured bigger or is this new? Fundal height is a very Inexact science with an expected tolerance of 2-3cm... So you are within that. It's more worrying if you've suddenly jumped percentiles... Although that can still be a measurement error.

On the back to back, babies can turn at any point up to and during labour. At 35 weeks there is plenty if time to turn. I'm 38 weeks and mine is still regularly swapping sides. Just sit up straight and do some inversions if you feel like it.

Do you have a back up birth partner if DP is away? Or if not can you find a doula?

LadyMedea Thu 21-Nov-13 22:03:13

Oh and if you really want predictability it's not to late to ask fir an elective section... They won't be too huffy given your birth experience.

scaredoflabour Thu 21-Nov-13 22:09:34

the fundal high has been a week ahead since 30weeks. MW today did it 3 times as there was a student mw in too.
I know babies can turn but i'm just so fed up of doing all the optimal positioning exercises and them not working.
On top of that my bp has been creeping up since 29 weeks and I've had to see a mw every week for blood tests and bp checks.
Just all seems to be going s bit crap this time.

LadyMedea Thu 21-Nov-13 22:38:33

Please try not to be too discouraged... You can still go on to have a normal rest of pregnancy and birth. BP can be controlled, babies really do turn - don't worry to much about positioning. I worried about up for a while after a friend had a difficult labour.... But hers went back to back in early labour. So it's just something that isn't worth worrying about.

Do you have anyone in RL you can lean on for support... It sounds like you are just having a bad time inside your own head.

terilou87 Fri 22-Nov-13 12:09:12

My ds was b2b and was not an issue at all he was my 4 th and not the most painful birth either I wouldn't worry about that
you could be measuring bigger because of babies position or just fluid as ladymedia said it's not an exact measurement, I'm measuring 5 in front but had growth scans which say normal sized baby.
I also tore with first vb but not even a graze with second or 3rd and third was alot bigger than first.
try not to worry too much smile

fryingpantoface Fri 22-Nov-13 12:26:48

If it helps, i'm 32 weeks but measuring 36. No one is concerned

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