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Losing weight to prepare to TTC and like a bolt out of the blue got a BFP!!

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MrsCharlieD Sat 19-Oct-13 21:58:38

Hi everyone, this is my first time on this site and I have to say I am feeling rather overwhelmed. I've been on slimming world to lose weight so I could TTC and then the last couple of weeks I've had really sore boobs and been very tired. My husband persuaded me to take a test and omg it was BFP! I'm over the moon but very worried as I'm a million miles from the weight I wanted to be before TTC, this is such a shock. Anybody else been in this situation? I've been reading some terrifying things about complications and all the things that can go wrong. Would love some advice, thank you Charlie x

Raeray Sat 19-Oct-13 22:10:06

Huge congratulations - I'm afraid I can't really answer any questions as such but wanted to wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy.
I know slimming world have a programme that can be safely followed during pregnancy and when breastfeeding - a friend did it and weighed less at the end of her pregnancy then she did at beginning and now has a beautiful healthy baby boy.

terilou87 Sat 19-Oct-13 22:16:52

Congratulations!thanks I am overweight bmi was 35.4 at 8 weeks, this is dc5 for me I was not TTC but I was trying to lose weight(caught on while on pill), if you try to keep eating sensibly you should be fine. smile

MrsVDB Sun 20-Oct-13 07:40:17

Exactly the same happened to me! Couple of weeks into slimming world and bfp! What's your bmi? Mine was 34 and as its under 35 it's not been mentioned at all. They only weighed me at booking in apt (10 wks) and haven't weighed me since (now 27 wks). I asked midwife about weight gain and she said not to worry as you can only do so much damage in 9 months (I'm still weighing my self daily to keep check as I can put weight on very quickly!). You can still do slimming world when pregnant just extra a and b. tell the consultant and they'll give you a form for midwife to sign.

If your very overweight you will probably lose weight in first trimester and then try not to gain to much.

It doesn't automatically cause issues do don't worry. And congratulations!

ILoveAFullFridge Sun 20-Oct-13 08:03:28

Similar thing happened to me, twice! Third time I didn't bother about trying to lose weight, just left it until I
I was ready. My BMIs were in the mid-to-high 30s each time. All three babies were healthy, good weights, normal vaginal births. All three pregnancies were normal as well, except that I had sugar in my urine from about 33w and felt poorly from that. It was easy to control by eating a low-GI diet, though, and did not happen again after the first couple of times it was detected..

I don't know anything about Slimming World, but know that studies have shown that it is unhealthy to diet hard during pregnancy. Appears to increase the chance of the baby being obese in later life. However, if SW have a plan that takes this into account, and attending supports you in eating a sensible, well-balanced diet, then by all means continue.


Sammi1986 Sun 20-Oct-13 09:01:49

Hey the same has happened to me! I did manage to lose 3 stone before conception, but still not what I wanted. My bmi is 40 so larger than the other ladies here, and unfortunately I have arthritis of the spine which I'm terrified about. The MW is great and is more concerned about my spine as I'm healthier than some of her skinny ladies!
Try not to stress, continue to eat healthily and just do as the MW tells you! I have been prescribed a low dose aspirin to try to make sure I don't get high blood pressure.
Congratulations and good luck smile xxx

lolablu Sun 20-Oct-13 09:44:02

hey. Another sworldie here. Lost just under 5 stone and got pregnant first try smile now ten weeks smile and my consultants happy for me to keep going. Its realy hard to keep going in the first few weeks but perserve itl be worth it. Make sure you tell your consultant for their support. Congrats smile

Anothermrssmith Sun 20-Oct-13 10:42:52

My bmi at booking in appointment was 36 or 37 and it is honestly haven't been an issue so try not to get stressed about it too much. I have type one diabetes so would have been under consultant case anyway but my weight (apart from 'view obscured due to high maternal bmi' on my ultrasound notes a few times) has never been mentioned by anyone and i have had a textbook healthy pregnancy so far. I admit I was reasonably fit and healthy when I got pregnant so that may have helped but don't think that a high bmi means everything that can go wrong will go wrong will because it doesn't. I don't know anything about slimming world but my advice would be don't worry too much about loosing weight but focus on just eating healthily. And congratulations on your pregnancy!

lolablu Sun 20-Oct-13 12:47:46

slimming does focus on healthy eating more than losing weight, as in its a change of lifestyle and thinking around food. when your pregnant you increase your milk/calcium and other things so it becomes more about maintenance than loss ;)

MrsCharlieD Sun 20-Oct-13 19:07:29

Thank you for all the congratulations messages ladies! I'm going to the doctors tomorrow as coincidentally I have a new patient medical as I've just changed doctors. Now I need to tell them I'm pregnant as well. I'm focussing on eating healthily, lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and lean meat. I don't actually know my bmi, I'm tall at 5ft 8" but I think its over 40. I'll keep you all posted x x

minniemousey Sun 20-Oct-13 19:21:18

This has happened to me too! I've put on almost 3 stone over the last 8 months. I finally decide to get back on the weightloss wagon, sign up to weight watchers, renew my gym membership and 3 days later-BFP!

I'm going to follow slimming world, and exercising (swimming/walking/yoga) 5 times a week. I'm hoping not to put on any weight throughout this pregnancy.

congrats on your pregnancy :-)

Frecklesandspecs Sun 20-Oct-13 19:32:30

well done. that's fable. my sister did the same as she was overweight and desperatelt wanted ttc.
I was ok before I got pregnant with first (size 12 ish) but I put on 3-4 stone with the pregnancy. I didn't really lose it before dd2 but made a huge effort and lost 3 stone in about a year before I got pregnant with this one. I am now 38 weeks with dc 3 and have stayed size 12-14 (plus tummy!) but only because I have watched what I eat and made sure I get a good walk everyday. I feel so much better this time even though its my 3rd in 5 years.
just make sure you stay active and try not to walk down the cake isles and you'll be fine.
best of luck x

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