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Here we go again...

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MrsRV Sun 30-Jun-13 08:52:31

6 weeks pregnant and just had some pinky stuff on the tissue when I wiped after going for a wee. This happened with my pregnancy with DD1 on & off from 8 weeks to 34 weeks. My Drs appointment is Thursday. I know they prob won't scan until 8 weeks so I just need to sit tight but someone hold my hand & tell me it'll be ok and that some women just bleed IN ALL of their pregnancies!?!?! I've had the usual stretchy crampy feelings from really early on but convinced myself it was normal :-(

WhateversNotTaken Sun 30-Jun-13 09:15:48

A woman I know had regular periods all throughout her pregnancy. Each month she'd be terrified, run to the doctors and they'd scan her and tell her all was fine.

Also, I had a small implant bleed at four weeks. Went to the docs in tears because I'd had a previous miscarriage. She said she'd seen a woman the previous week with lots of bleeding in early pregnancy and she and the baby were fine.

I know how completely petrifying it is. I was on constant gusset watch right up to 12 weeks. But you already know it's possible to bleed during a healthy pregnancy because you have your DD! So maybe this is just the way your body does it.

It's pointless saying don't worry but keeping my fingers crossed for you and best of luck!

MrsRV Tue 02-Jul-13 20:40:27

By way of a small update, you were right (I hope)... Dr says you can be prone to bleeding if happened in previous pregnancy & it may well be that it all happens as before! Still not great but I'm more hopeful! And the extra monitoring & scans will be a good thing I guess!!!

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