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When we're you able to feel your uterus?

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FobblyWoof Tue 28-May-13 09:14:52

I'm nine weeks today but I still can't feel anything firm when I prod and poke my belly. Am overweight so I know it's going to be more difficult to feel but I swear with DD I could feel my uterus quite low down, but firm, from around 8 weeks. Not sure I'm just getting confused though.

FobblyWoof Tue 28-May-13 09:16:43


were not we're in title. Stupid autocorrect

levithecat Tue 28-May-13 09:19:02

At about 14 weeks I think. I was very bloated in early pregnancy so I think that hid anything!

FobblyWoof Tue 28-May-13 09:35:09

Thank you. That makes me feel much better.

Clearly my brain is playing tricks on me (re, previous pregnancy), the bastard.

PumpkinPie2013 Tue 28-May-13 09:48:50

I was nearly 13 weeks when I felt mine just above the pubic bone (I'm skinny though).

9 weeks is probably a bit early as the uterus doesn't really rise until nearer 12 weeks smile

Kelly1814 Tue 28-May-13 09:56:52

gosh i'm not sure i can even feel mine now and i'm 21 weeks! how do you tell?!

FobblyWoof Tue 28-May-13 10:14:18

It felt really firm and normally I'm very wobbly

I swear with my DD I could feel it around now. I really have lost my marbles haven't I? smile

ILiveInAPineappleCoveredInSnow Tue 28-May-13 10:18:16

I was 12 weeks, and i am well covered! I know my uterus sits in a funny place though as baby was just below my belly button at 12 week scan, which is very high, and is now above my belly button at 16+3 (had a scan at the weekend). I don't think that's normal for it to be so high, in fact last pregnancy I had no bump until about 28 weeks - this time I've had one since about 14 weeks and it's now massive!!!

FobblyWoof Tue 28-May-13 12:38:21

Well covered! I love it!

It's so strange how each pregnancy is different. I knew it wouldn't be the same but I stupidly assumed I knew what I was doing this time round

Futterby Tue 28-May-13 12:42:53

Another one for twelve weeks, and I'm not fat. I'm overstuffed ;)

toni1bump Tue 28-May-13 12:44:11

About 11 weeks. Currently 13+1.
Gets harder everyday, its crazy.

I dont know if anyone else has experienced this, but from about 9 weeks everytime i sneezed i felt something 'pop'.. Spoke to my midwifr and she said.its uterus moving when i sneeze. She.said u dont feel it usually because its so small.. But as it grows you feel it. Strange, huh..

neversleepagain Tue 28-May-13 13:20:58

I was convinced I could feel mine at around 8 weeks, it was hard and about the size of an orange above my pubic bone. 4 weeks later I found out I was having twins so it must have been my uterus.

Fairydogmother Tue 28-May-13 13:23:56

i felt mine only about 14-15 weeks but then i wasnt sure what i was poking for! midwife felt it immediately but didnt say how far up it was but still below my belly button i think.

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