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Comparing London Consultants

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FirstTimeParent Thu 16-May-13 20:45:20

Hi - first time parents trying to choose a consultant in the London area (St Mary's Lindo Wing).

Has anybody had experience with the following doctors?

We are curious if they listened to you and gave you choices throughout the process. We don't want a C-section unless absolutely necessary, and some of the stats seem to imply the private consultants favor them. Just curious what experiences people might be willing to share...

L. Lakasing
T. Miskry
T. Setchell
K. Murphy
T. Miskry
C. Yu
TG Teoh
R. Raj

thanks for the help!

JennaRainbow Fri 17-May-13 12:40:15

Hi there, I can't help much as I'm pregnant with our first but I've got Karl Murphy at the moment, just entered my second trimester and he is wonderful, makes us both feel very confident and calm, and very patient with all our questions! He also always calls us back within a couple of hours if we need to ask anything. I still don't know exactly how I want to give birth but he's apparently excellent with a natural or c section.

Good luck deciding and congratulations! x

Disastronaut Fri 17-May-13 23:26:17

We've just had our first appointment with Chrissie Yu and liked her straight away. Really nice & friendly, spent ages talking about what we were seeing on the scan screen. Very relieved we chose her!

FirstTimeParent Sun 19-May-13 09:08:41

Thank you both for your response. It's great to hear that you are comfortable with Karl and Chrissie.

Jenna - I understand Dr Lakasing is also in Karl's practice. Have you by any chance had any interaction with her?

And congratulations to you too!

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