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Second pregnancy - 35 wks - anyone else struggling??

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sarahscarlet Thu 09-May-13 14:23:50

Hello - just thought I'd see if anyone else is struggling more with their second pregnancy? I'm 35 weeks ATM but this whole pregnancy seems so much harder - after getting over the morning sickness initially it seems to have come back around late morning every day, I've got swollen feet and hands, vulval varicose vein, low iron, I've put on loads of weight, dodgy stomach whenever i eat, have sharp pains in what feels like my cervix, I'm breathless and everything I do just seems so much effort! Last time I had none of this!! I know I should be feeling less moany but what with the thought if having to go through child birth again I'm a right grump! Anyone else want to have a moan?!

FrenchLimeBlossom Thu 09-May-13 14:30:26

Omg me too!

Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted to be pregnant again and really excited about giving DS a sibling but I am 39 +4 now and really ready to drop.

It is so much more tiring having a toddler (2.6) to take care of too and though DH is being fantastic as usual I am just feeling it so much more than last time (or have forgotten what the last few weeks were like......). My back is killing me and I feel huge, far too hot at the moment, i cannot get comfortable anywhere, my birthing ball does not seem to be helping, I'm worried about going late again and and and......

I mean clearly first world problems and I know damn well how lucky we are in the grand scheme of things but blimey I want to meet my new baby already and stop having the backache, three loo visits per night etc.

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