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Am I actually in labour or flipping imagining it? Long-ish.

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Thingiebob Thu 02-May-13 18:36:42

I am due tomorrow.

Spent the last three days feeling awful, miserable, tetchy, pmt-ish and spaced out. Last night at midnight discovered small amt of blood and mucus on loo visitation, then had a really uncomfy night with backache and grinding period type pains. I ended up taking paracetamol to help with pain so I could get a few hours sleep.

This morning I awoke to feeling like I have a cold, I am congested and sneezing. I also have pelvic pain and more mucus. I asked DH to seriously think about starting paternity leave as I felt stuff is starting to happen and I can't manage looking after our DD whilst in pain. I got up and realised
Back ache/period pain was coming in waves and I was having constant BHs which were more full on and painful than before. Timing them proved impossible as I couldn't workout where the BH finished or the period pain ones were starting.

I ended up sitting on my ball most of the afternoon with on/off pains and new stabby cervix ones. More mucus and light blood every now and then but not constantly. Some of the pains seemed different from BHs as involved my back and abdomen and thighs, however not regular or becoming really painful. I fell asleep for an hour and pains have diminished.

Am I in labour? I had similar symptoms a fortnight ago so am wary of a 'false alarm'. I've warned my mum as she will be looking after dd but this is the third or fourth alert and as far as she is concerned until my waters break I am NOT in labour... DH is worrying as if nothing happens he is wasting his leave. I feel really tearful and under pressure plus I've never spontaneously gone into labour before.

I feel worn out already. What does everyone think? Please!

MyNameIsAnAnagram Thu 02-May-13 19:05:08

Sounds like it might be early labour? But that can go on for days so I'd hold off getting your oh to stay at home just yet.

rubyslippers Thu 02-May-13 19:09:20

your waters may not break at all ...

it does sound like you've had a show and you are in early labour

as a PP says it can last for days

i would get on your birthing ball keep taking paracetamol

proper CX will not come and go rater they will build in length and intensity

try to eat lightly if you can

ShowOfHands Thu 02-May-13 19:13:25

If it's labour, it'll be early labour I reckon. I'd try and ignore it as far as you can. Take paracetamol, have baths, try and relax and sleep. Don't exhaust yourself wondering. When it's labour, you'll know.

Can your Mum not come and help out so that your dh isn't using up his leave? Or a friend/other family member?

butterflyexperience Thu 02-May-13 19:21:21

Sounds like early labour

How are you feeling now?

Thingiebob Thu 02-May-13 19:23:42

Will I know though? Last time I was induced and when ctx started they felt the same as the pains I had been having fr the last few days.

My mum could come here but she can't help out that much due to health plus she will stress me out as she will get panicky.

I think I'm worried as I am quite far from hospital and my DH works 45 mins in opposite direction.

Thingiebob Thu 02-May-13 19:26:12

I'm lying on my left hand side in bed trying to relax with tightenings and pains in abdo. I've decided to avoid timing them until they get really bad. I think the ctx timer is making me anxious!

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