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Lipitor medication before discovering pregnancy - anyone any experience?

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happymam84 Tue 30-Apr-13 22:27:43

Hi everyone. Hope someone can give me some advice or possibly has some experience with the following.

I have just discovered that I'm pregnant, a few mths before we had planned to start trying. I have high cholesterol (genetic) and have been on Lipitor 40mg daily for a couple of yrs now. I stopped taking them the day I found out I was pregnant (Saturday gone), but there would have been two wks that I was still taking them from conception to the day I found out.

Lipitor belongs to a group of medication called statins, which are not to be taken in pregnancy. They have been linked to fetal abnormalities. I'm just worried sick that I have caused damage. Will the fact that I only took them for two wks after conception stand to me at all?

My Gp said today that he'd love to say for certain that all will be ok but he can't, however it's highly unlikely that any damage has been done. He will refer me for an early scan at 8wks, but I'll have to wait for the scan at 20 wks that hopefully will show everything is perfectly formed.

Does anyone have any experience, insight or advice for me? Thanks for reading x

happymam84 Wed 01-May-13 14:44:21

If anyone has any experience at all with any medication before discovering pregnancy
Id love to hear it, thanks a mill

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