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Low lying anterior placenta

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LittleDonkin Sat 27-Apr-13 19:39:13

Hi all I am 21+1 with DD2 and I had my anomaly scan on Tuesday and was told I have a low lying anterior placenta which is covering a considerable amount of my placenta. The birth is not my immediate worry. If I need a c section then so be it!

What I'm worried about is that I am moving from Cyprus back to the UK on Wednesday with my 2 and a half year old DD in tow and I am doing all this on my own as I have separated from my husband.

I have a day of packing lined up tomorrow. Should I be taking things a bit easier than if I had a "normally" positioned placenta?

Also should I expect to be seen more frequently by a midwife? I am moving into military temporary accommodation 5 hours away from family until I hopefully get a council house so I don't know how quickly I will be able to get registered with a GP, see the midwive etc and get a referral for the scan I need at 32 weeks to see if the placenta has moved.

My midwive here is writing me a very detailed letter to take back to the UK with me which will obviously help me get referrals quick and hopefully get me housed asap!

I am worrying like mad that all this movement and stress is going to cause something bad to happen.

I just hope I get housed quickly and then the scan at 32 weeks shows the placenta has moved and everything will be ok in the end.

LittleDonkin Sat 27-Apr-13 19:50:01

Meant to say covering a considerable amount of my cervix!!!!

mikkii Sat 27-Apr-13 20:17:18

Ok, I feel a bit of an expert at this as I had placenta praevia with DC2 and 3!

Firstly, check that you can fly. With dc3 I was immediately told I was not fit to fly due to risks with air pressure and the fact that I would be too long away from getting to a hospital if there was a problem.

Having said that, with dc2 no-one told me not to fly and flew to Spain at 26 weeks and back at 28 without any problems.

There are 2 kinds of placenta praevia, stable and unstable, or ok and bleeders. I was the second, both times.

Most people who have low lying placenta find it does move before 32 weeks, but it isn't the end of the world to have a section, but it would be harder for you, being on your own, unable to drive.

With dc3 I was given very restrictive advice, but I had already had complications the first time. I was not allowed to carry shopping, push a shopping trolley, fly, the list went on......

With dc2 I had a big bleed at 33.5 weeks, which then kept on in small quantities preventing release from hospital. Baby born by CS at 37.5 at 8lb 11 oz's so thanking my lucky stars she didn't go to term! No problems and home after 48 hours. But his means I was in hospital for 4 weeks, you may need a childcare back up plan.

With dc3 now 2.5 I was surprised at how differently the same hospital treated it, so were they when I told them about the previous lack of any advice.

I was admitted at 24 weeks, 26 weeks, 31 weeks then three times in a week at 33 weeks at which point I had to stay in until the birth.

After the first admission I was told to start maternity leave - my response was to tell hem they were not living in the real world, next suggestion was 2 weeks at home, not to be left alone at any time (this was seriously the worst part). After 2 hours back at work, I was re-admitted. Then allowed to do part time from home.

The biggest thing is to be aware you may need help. Having said that I know 3 other people who had pp and had no problems whatsoever. I'm happy to hold your hand if you need support.

LittleDonkin Sat 27-Apr-13 20:26:41

Thank you so much for that reply. I really am stressing out about starting to bleed and having to be hospitilised while at the temporary housing in Wiltshire when everyone I know is in Yorkshire and no one will be quickly available to look after my 2 year old.

tequilacream Sat 27-Apr-13 21:12:39

I was told at the 20 week scan that I have one as well. So far (am 27 weeks now) - touch wood - nothing has happened - no bleeds or any other problems. Have an additional scan at 28 weeks to see if it has moved up and to check baby's stomach size (measured too big last time). Had flown at 24 and 25 weeks to and from south of France with no problems.

mikkii Sun 28-Apr-13 11:11:18

Make sure you prioritise gp registration and get the referral to MW. make sure you have hospital number to hand and if in doubt call the labour ward. Take dc with you if you have to, on one admission I had to take dc1 and2 with us until I could get them collected. Remember, most people have no complications, either the placenta moves as your uterus grows or you just go in for a planned ( I hate using the word elective as you don't have a choice) CS. I am a firm believer that if you have a back up plan, you won't need to use it.

mikkii Sun 28-Apr-13 11:18:33

Excuse me if I'm adding 2+2 and getting 5, but I'm assuming your ex is military (Cyprus and Wiltshire) will the temporary accommodation be military or civilian? If military, you may find people more willing to help out because they understand being alone when OH's are overseas. Obviously you need to trust the people, and I understand you being alone could cause friction, but just a thought.

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