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36 weeks & bleeding hemorrhoids/piles. Anyone else? Tips to help?

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Squizzo Mon 15-Apr-13 18:08:35

Had some minor piles earlier on in pregnancy that with cream went away. Not had any constipation and had regular bowel movements but in the past few days I noticed a pile that showed no signs of going away with my usual cream. This morning, had a movement and discovered a small blood clot and bleeding in the loo. Was freaked out and went to doctor. Was horrified to discover that there's nothing they can do, was told to use Anusol, keep drinking fluids and that they were unlikely to go until after I've had the baby. I actually asked for some lactulose as I'm now scared of going to the loo because it hurts so much. It hurts to walk, sit down, stand and I haven't even had the baby yet! Feeling pretty down and miserable as I'm going back to work tomorrow and will have to spend huge chunks of the day sitting in meetings. I've also had to start wearing a sanitary towel for my bleeding bum as it was going through my knickers. Not nice!!! I looked into a pillow with a hole in the centre but can't face spending £20 when there are still so many baby things I need to buy. Is it just me or has anyone else had the same thing happen and can you give me any advice on how to make it better/go away?


coolpink101 Mon 15-Apr-13 18:34:02

hi squizzo,
i also had piles earlier in pregnancy which went away. i'm now 38 wks and recently an external pile returned which doesnt seem to want to go away - despite using cream. it was painful and sore to start with, but ive managed to relieve that by taking lots of baths (at least 2 a day), dabbing my back area with a moist tissue whenever i use the loo, doing lots of kegel exercises and drinking lots of water! the pain has subsided now although the pile is still there albeit a bit sore. its got me down a lot too (you're not alone) but i'm guessing it won't go away until after birth now. just try to keep the area clean, drink lots, eat lots of fibre, and do hot/cold compresses. from what ive read online, they can take a little while to go away but just keep up with everything and hopefully you will see it getting better. just remember you're not alone - good luck!

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