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Experiences of ultrasound to diagnose suspected SPD

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snickersnacker Mon 15-Apr-13 10:49:03

I posted last week about my dilemma over whether to go to MW or GP with symptoms of suspected SPD. I saw a GP on Friday. I know that by definition GPs can't be experts on everything but this particular one had very little experience of SPD and was quite open about the need to look it up while I was there (again, no criticism intended - I'd much rather a GP do this than wing it!).

The upshot is that I've been referred for an ultrasound of my pelvis at the local hospital for diagnosis. From reading around this doesn't seem to be the usual method of diagnosis and I wondered if anyone else had been referred for something similar, and if it had helped in getting a firm diagnosis and further support?

shellshock7 Mon 15-Apr-13 10:55:48

Hi snicker I went the MW route and was referred to physio, never had a scan at all. Saw physio throughout my PG.

I'm sure now you are in the system you will get the care you bad are you now, do you need urgent help? You can always ring the MW and ask what you have asked here?

Good luck, mine never progressed to crutches etc. (I wore a support which helped a little) so it's not necessarily as bad as you may be fearing smile

limetictacs Mon 15-Apr-13 11:11:01

I never had an ultrasound and didn't know they did them for SPD. I saw my midwife who ruled out a urinary tract infection and said that she felt that my symptoms indicated SPD. I was referred for physio but in the end self referred as it was quicker. I was however on crutches prior to my physio appointment as the pain was that bad.

If I were you I would self refer for physio now as you may not get a proper diagnosis from an ultrasound and it does take a while for physio appointments to come through. Also speak to your midwife as she may want to check for other things. Good luck.

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