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Bleeding in early pregnancy question

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loveclouds Sun 07-Apr-13 21:08:16

Can you tell me if you bled and felt totally normal or if you had that churning period feeling?

Not sure if I am, tested other day (-) but think it was too early so buying another tomorrow.

Started later than normal, watery brown when I wiped then few days later very light period has started but its red and fresh. Still very light than normal but now all the period churning feelings have kicked in. pain above tummy earlier.

today would be day 18 after ovulation and my temp has stayed high 37.2 which suggest i am pregnant.

Not sure if this is an innocent bleed, early mc or just a plain old annoying period lighter than normal and winding me up with all these new pregnancy symptoms.


loveclouds Sun 07-Apr-13 21:58:15


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