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11 weeks, cramping after sex/stress/wine

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MeerkatMerkin Sat 06-Apr-13 22:12:37

I have had a difficult and stressful week; a family member was killed in an accident and I am processing that but it is very heavy on my mind. Last night I decided to have a glass of wine to try and "chill out" a bit and ended up having two - not massive ones. This led to DH and I having sex for the first time since becoming pregnant. Today I have felt absolutely terrible: I had a little bleeding after the sex (fresh blood) but I'm trying to put that down to friction - I vaguely remember this happening with DS, and I had cramps after that have continued today. I have also felt nauseous today and was sick this morning. My morning sickness had disappeared. I am having stomach cramps as well as uterine cramps. I am aware that the sickness is probably the wine and the fact I haven't had a drink since discovering I was pregnant, coupled with the stress of the bereavement, but I am concerned that the uterine cramps have not subsided. I can't contact the midwife until Monday and I am just hoping for a bit of reassurance that things aren't going wrong. Is it normal to cramp continuously after sex for an entire day? I feel, somehow, it's not. sad

Mrsd1984 Sat 06-Apr-13 23:31:02

How about giving nhs direct a call? I'm sure it's normal, just added stress of everything you're going through. You won't be able to relax though u Gil you've spoken to someone. I've used nhs direct when I had a bleed very early on and they were fab. They will be able to suggest what to do next xx

MeerkatMerkin Sun 07-Apr-13 01:35:33

Thanks. I'm actually quite convinced now that I've got a stomach bug. I have had a couple in the last year (thanks DS) and the stomach cramps I have been having all day feel suspiciously like a bug. I think the uterine cramps might just be connected to that (I sometimes get pain in that area when I have a dodgy stomach and need to "go", tmi sorry). Now I've thought about it it makes sense and I'm panicking and feeling that everything is going wrong, feel guilty ab

MeerkatMerkin Sun 07-Apr-13 01:36:53

Oops posted too soon. Feel guilty about having a couple of wines, won't be doing it again, it didn't chill me out ultimately just caused me more stress and worry. Wish something could take my mind off things really. Thanks so much for responding.

HettySunshine Sun 07-Apr-13 08:20:14

Firstly, i'm very sorry for your loss. Secondly, why not try your EPAU - I'm sure they'll tell you everything is fine but it will set your mind at rest.

Don't feel guilty about the wine. You are having a hell of a week and it won't have done any damage in such a small amount and at such an early stage.

If it's a tummy bug then you can deal with it as you usually do but at least you will know one way or the other.

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