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Needing some reassurance

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Alexandra6 Tue 02-Apr-13 21:16:41

I'm now 5+5 but have been feeling really anxious about mc like I'm sure lots of people are (wish I was one of those relaxed people who takes things as they come!) Anyway I was googling (my own worst enemy) and thought I'd share this as I found it reassuring, not sure if it's true or not (it was on an old post on another forum) but the stats do seem quite positive. If anyone has any tips on relaxing/stopping stressing, please let me know - I am trying to pull myself together and be positive!

Originally Posted by DK: "Your Pregnancy week by week" by Lesley Regan (p102)


Miscarriage is the commonest complication of pregnancy and by definition can occur at any gestational age up until 24 weeks ... However, the vast majority of miscarriages occur very early on, even before the pregnancy can be recognized on an ultrasound scan.

If you are 6 weeks from your last period, the risk of miscarriage has fallen to approximately 15 per cent or 1 in 6 pregnancies. At this stage it is usually possible to see the Yolk sac in your uterus and the fetal pole inside it on an ultrasound scan.

By eight weeks, the risk is much smaller and, if fetal heartbeat can be seen on a scan at this stage, your risk has fallen to 3 per cent. Looked at positively, this means that 97% of pregnant women with a fetal heartbeat at 8 weeks can expect their pregnancy to continue and to take home a baby at the end of it.

After 12 weeks the risk of miscarriage is no more than 1%. So the message here is that as the pregnancy progresses, the risk of miscarriage falls dramatically and, by the time you reach the end of this trimester you are unlikely to experience this distressing event.

Saundy Wed 03-Apr-13 09:29:14

My attitude is that unless something is actually going wrong it is pointless worrying about all the things that could. If you did that you would spend the rest of your life worrying about everything for absolutely no reason & what kind of life is that?

That's probably not helpful at all but I'm not a big worrier so it's the best I can do.

I'm 8+5 & even though there are probably lots of things you can read into you have to take things as face value. You're pregnant & have no reason to believe it won't be a success so don't give yourself problems you don't have or it's gonna a be a long haul!

Congratulations & good luck!

Alexandra6 Wed 03-Apr-13 15:01:02

Thanks Saundy, you sound just like my DH grin I know you're right, it's just so hard to stop worrying and believe things will go well! Am really going to try and be more positive.

Saundy Wed 03-Apr-13 16:21:00

Or if you can't be positive just don't think about it at all, don't let your mind go there.

It's funny you say that as DP is a born worrier so we've probably got the same balance going on grin

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