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32 weeks and really struggling please say I'm not alone!

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katesav87 Tue 02-Apr-13 07:43:28

Hi title says it all really. Just need to moan somewere as hate doing it in rl as so happy that I am having another DC. I already have a DD who is 5 and now having a DS. I'm 32 weeks and I feel like utter crap!! I can't remember the last time I slept the whole night. I am constanley up to the toliet. My morning sickness has returned although last night it happened at 2am. I can't get comfortable in bed! I have a pregnancy pillow but sleeping on my side hurts my hips and sleeping on my back hurts my back. I've got mega heartburn from any kind of food. My ankles ache is this even normal lol. I have siatcia so my back always hurts. I'm shattered all the time and trying to put on a brave face for my DD is getting hard. I know it's just pregnancy but I just had to write it down to get it out. Just don't know how long I can take it for and it's only gonna get worse until he's here. I'm sorry if this offends n e one I am so grateful to be pregnant again I just needed a moan somewere and I'm sure I'm not alone. Can't wait for 3 weeks wen I go on maternity leave. X

WildeRumpus Wed 03-Apr-13 12:48:48

Am so glad for this thread! Am 34 weeks and have been secretly crying in corners today, hiding away from my 3 year old ds who just wants me to be so! Much! Fun! But I am not fun, I am knackered, stressed about how to finish a work project before the baby comes with no.childcare or sleep and have just moved house so no friends to offload on.

Feeling overwhelmed and right sorry for myself! And I had three mcs before this baby so I really do appreciate my baby! Pregnancy is tough, end of.

Binkybix Wed 03-Apr-13 14:09:40

Me too! Am nearly 30 weeks. Have been ok physically but started a really tough new job (or I'm being crap and it's not that tough) in Jan and have been struggling so much to cope with the stress and have been really, really down. I see other pregnant woman seemingly sailing through work up to 38/39 weeks and feel like such a failure. Have given in and using loads of leave to go on mat leave next week.

Sorry to hear everyone is having a tough time. Twill be all right smile

patchesmcp Wed 03-Apr-13 16:44:47

33 weeks here and exhausted too. Only have 3 weeks left at work and I'm counting down the days!

I have so many problems getting to sleep and then staying asleep I think I'm averaging about 5 hours sleep a night despite spending 9+ hours in bed sad

I hate, hate, hate being pregnant. There is really nothing nice about it. I feel so swollen down below (tmi blush ) that I'm dreading the thought of pushing the baby out as I wonder if everything else will come out too! I don't recall this problem with DC1 but then may be I've blocked it out of my memory hmm

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