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Anybody else 34+ wks with DC2 and suddenly realised its all going to happen quite soon???!!

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BR44 Wed 27-Mar-13 10:21:16

It's all been so different this time! I no longer have a job, I have a 2.6 YO DS at home with me and I've pootled through 35 weeks without, if I'm honest, giving a great deal of thought to the next bit!

No NCT classes, no in-depth reading of 'What to Expect', no tour of the maternity ward. I am now 4 and a half weeks off my due date and starting to feel a bit trepidatious about having to go through labour again....

Anyone else?

MyNameIsAnAnagram Wed 27-Mar-13 11:34:25

Yup! I'm only 33 weeks but just realised I have 4 weeks left at work and not a single thing prepared. I think I'm still actually in denial that i'm pregnant at all......

festive Wed 27-Mar-13 12:02:05

Yes me! Will be 34 wks on Friday and not sure when to start packing hospital bags or what to pack. Can remember v little, seemingly have a mental block of the first time around, poss cos the birth was rather traumatic.
Am thinking shd prob start to think about getting car seat and Moses out of the loft and washing them and newborn clothes plus doing a Boots shop soon.
And more importantly, strategically planning grandparents getting to us to care for DS1 who is 21 months when I go into labour...
We need a second baby checklist!

GeoffVader Wed 27-Mar-13 12:07:25

Yep, 34 weeks tommorow and keep flitting between excitement and sheer panic, DD will only be 22 months old when he arrives and I keep saying 'what was I thinking' but I am sure really everything will be fine, she's a good walker etc. But the tantrums are getting terrible and she's not going to be 2 till July!

Getting a lovely preloved pram on Saturday so am very looking forward to that!

All I have in my hospital bag currently is around 6-7 sleepsuits and same amount of vests. Need to start buying toiletries etc and find PJ's that will allow for ease of access to bf in.. lists aren't helping I write stuff down and lose it!

JaquelineHyde Wed 27-Mar-13 12:13:37

Yep I'm in too grin

I will be 37 weeks tomorrow with DC4, although this is only DC2 biologically.

My first was actually 6 weeks early and everything was up in the air, I didn't get any antenatal classes then and I haven't had any this time and as I have never been this pregnant before I have no idea what to expect confused

I am symptom spotting like mad, it feels like the first 12 weeks again but everytime I think I have a proper symptom it turns out to be wind grin

BR44 Thu 28-Mar-13 14:52:31

Good to know it's not just me then! Since yesterday I have acquired a box of breast pads and a box of maternity pads. Talk about un-fun shopping. My in-laws are visiting this weekend and are bringing the Moses basket and car seat from their loft, so I will at least be better prepared in terms of outward signs of readiness.

JaquelineHyde - how strange to be pregnant a second time but more pregnant than you ever were the first time! I am also symptom spotting and wondering if this one is coming early, which is very foolish as DS1 was a full 2 weeks overdue and I wouldn't be at all surprised if this baby follows suit.

Okay - next week, hospital bag...

bunnynose Thu 28-Mar-13 17:14:08

Same here! 34 weeks, got rid of everything after last baby but still in denial I will have another in a few weeks.

Bag not packed, clothes not washed, still haven't bought a car seat or new mattress for the crib and have no energy to do it anyway!

Think DH will be sent on a last minute shopping trip.

RightUpMyRue Thu 28-Mar-13 18:06:06

Ha ha! 39+1 here. Still can't see myself with another baby!

NoTeaForMe Thu 28-Mar-13 18:26:23

I'm nearly 33 weeks, my daughter is 2.5, will be 2.7 when the baby comes. Other than freaking out about childcare for when I'm in labour I have done nothing. Actually that's not true I bought maternity pads, nipple cream and breast pads as they were 3 for 2 in mothercare! Oh the glamour!

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