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Roll Up, Roll Up for the.. <whips away curtain> ..Chinese Gender Predictor!!

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Saundy Fri 22-Mar-13 09:00:52

Did it work for you, will it work for you?!

Who needs modern science when you have a 700 year old birth chart - still in use - can that many generations really be wrong?! wink

Follow the linky link:

Another bit of fun as I'm bored again!

Teaandflapjacks Fri 22-Mar-13 09:10:01

I LOVE these things - i have done all of them, and they all say, including this one, that it is a girl. I have had terrible morning sickness, sleep on right side, my left boob is now bigger than right (before it was the other way round) etc etc. I find out next wednesday - so will see if it is bollocks nonsense then!

Saundy Fri 22-Mar-13 09:20:24

Oooh report back, report back!!!

All mine come out boy, I'm not going to find out for real, I tried to sway for girl so its gonna be a long wait for me!

beckie90 Fri 22-Mar-13 09:24:56

It's right for this one, says boy I'm having a boy, but my last one is wrong it says girl I had a boy. Some I've done this time some say girl and some say boy. The ones that say girl this time that are wrong come out right for my last baby though Haha

Saundy Fri 22-Mar-13 13:21:57

Aahh all they do is confuse us!!

ladymia Fri 22-Mar-13 13:26:45

It's wrong for me.

FoofFighter Fri 22-Mar-13 13:30:40

Was right for my second, says this one will be a girl ( don't know not finding out). Chart doesn't go to 17 for my first though.

There's a link there that you can email them and let them know it's wrong for their continuing studies into this.

hippoesque Fri 22-Mar-13 13:31:18

My first one was right, it predicted a boy and I was given a beaustiful baby boy. Says I'm going to have a girl this time and my pregnancy is completely different to last time...I'll let you know!!

Fakebook Fri 22-Mar-13 13:36:43

That dancing baby is scary! I don't know when my conception date was for all my pregnancies. How do you find this out? Just calculate 2 weeks after last period?

Beckett3 Fri 22-Mar-13 13:36:55

I'm currently pregnant with no.4, I was too young for any Chinese predictor with my first child but all the ones I've done with the other 3 have been correct, well according to the sonographer with this one anyway!

Guntie Fri 22-Mar-13 14:14:02

It says BOY and I massively feel like I am having a boy. I'll update in 3 months grin

Saundy Fri 22-Mar-13 14:23:22

ooh mixed reports, but a few correct there!

FB I have to agree the dancing baby is freaky as... As for the conception date I only know this because of Valentines day (how tacky) but I'm not sure how people would know otherwise - unless its an infrequent event! Just a best guess will do I'm sure.

Guntie make sure you do!

Fakebook Fri 22-Mar-13 14:42:29

I can't do it for dd because she was born in 2007, but ds's is wrong. This time I'm apparentl having a girl again, which I do think is right! I'm only 7 weeks so will find out in a few months!

I also like Madam zaritska's predictions. She predicts I'm having a girl too and she'll be 15lbs!!!!

rrreow Fri 22-Mar-13 14:46:32

I don't know exactly when I conceived but based on EDD/LMP you can use this website to get a range of dates:

For any date within the range I get a boy result, both for DS1 (who is 2 now) and DS2 (still cooking but confirmed boy on 20w scan).

Hmm so next time we're thinking of conceiving I shall have to consult this oracle of wisdom of when to conceive for a girl grin

JesusBuiltMyHotrod Fri 22-Mar-13 15:03:49

Wrong diddly wrong wrong wrong for me. Says DD should have been a boy.

WhenSheWasBadSheWasHopeful Fri 22-Mar-13 15:05:58

It's a boy for me.

It got my dd right too. I do like a bit of fun. Thanks for the thread saundy

notnagging Fri 22-Mar-13 15:19:16

I have 5 boys & it worked every time for mesmile

curiousgeorgie Fri 22-Mar-13 16:29:14

It was right for my 2yo DD, said girl.

And says girl for this one too, which is what the scan said but she isn't born yet so can't be 100% sure!

That other predictor says I'm having a boy on a freezing, misty day. Due in June though so hopefully not freezing grin

isambardo Fri 22-Mar-13 16:59:32

Wrong for me, it predicts a girl and I had a boy. Good fun though, used to enjoy the old wives tales when I was pregnant!

FrustratedSycamoresRocks Fri 22-Mar-13 17:46:41

Wrong for me. Says a girl, and this one is definately a boy.

Saundy Fri 22-Mar-13 18:17:13

Goddammit fb Madam Z's come up a boy as well. A 14 bloody lb one, after an 11hr labour!! Though she also says it will have amber eyes so apparently won't be DP's lol. I denounce her a fake!!

I think we defo have a majority right here, especially 5 for 5 for notn - the magic is strong with you!

I think any future pre conception consulting is not such a bad idea rrreow

But yey thanks for being my test subjects joining in guys!

gloti Fri 22-Mar-13 19:21:13

I love all this!!! chart says I'll have a girl and I'm hoping to find out on Monday at my 20 weeks scan (I'll be 21+3!)
will let you know if it works smile xxx

Lydia161290 Fri 22-Mar-13 20:42:56

Nope. I'm having a boy. Says i'm having a girl. :/

Stixswhichtwizzle Fri 22-Mar-13 21:14:40

Was wrong for me. Said boy, I had a girl.

gloti Tue 26-Mar-13 08:29:09

another wrong one here.... calendar said it was a girl but I had my 20 weeks scan yesteday and it was def a boy! x

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