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How did you tell people about your pregnancy?

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MeanMrsMustard Sun 17-Feb-13 11:09:23

I'm looking for insperation... How did you tell parents? Close friends? Old friends you don't see often any more?

This is a bit premature as I haven't had a scan yet, but all going to plan I'll have confirmation on Tuesday when I'll be 13 weeks ish.

I'm really crap at announcing things. I cringe when I think of how I told people about my dads death when I was 18 (10 mins into a conversation when they asked how I was "yeah, I'm ok, I finished my exams but dad died at the weekend..."). My engagement announcement was a bit of a disaster too (family spreading the news to everyone within seconds of finding out, a close friend turning up to 'engagement drinks' someone else had organised and not knowing until she got there that I was getting married). So I need help... I had planned in telling mum on Thursday evening over dinner (we are going shopping in the afternoon and she was meant to come round for a bite to eat after dh gets in from work) but now she has double booked the evening bit. I'm not sure I can tell her in the ikea carpark - should it be a bit more eventful than that? This will be her first grandchild.

And what is the consensus on group texts? Is it tacky? The norm? Insensitive to others who may be having little success ttc?

So please share your stories. Successful, inspired, dramatic, low key or disastrous...

honey86 Mon 18-Feb-13 15:33:16

i find it easier to drop obvs hints then have them ask me if im preg, and wink at them lolgrin

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