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Pain in groin, lower bump

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NoTeaForMe Sun 17-Feb-13 09:13:35

I'm 27 weeks now and for the past few days my groin/lower bump has been painful by the end of the day. I'm sitting on my bouncy ball to watch tv in the evening, it's much more comfortable sitting on it but after I get up it hurts. It's not terribly painful but it does hurt. Kind of a sharp pain. It's my second pregnancy and I didn't have this last time, not even at the end. Presumably this is just normal pregnancy pains? Anything I can do to ease it?


CityDweller Sun 17-Feb-13 12:27:44

Could be spd/pelvic girdle pain. Depending how bad it is, you might want to get seen by a specialist osteopath or physio. If it's not too bad, just take care to avoid the usual aggravators (spreading legs too wide, walking too quickly, standing on one leg to get dressed (sit down to put on socks and bottoms instead) or in the shower, etc etc).

elsabel Sun 17-Feb-13 22:10:02

I am 25 weeks and think i have the same problem, have had it a few days but as its not constant i havent done anything about it. More of an annoyance than anything. Will get appt if it doesnt go soon i think x

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