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30 weeks pregnant - how are you all feeling?

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Mylittlepuds Thu 14-Feb-13 13:21:14

Are you starting to feel the strain yet? Don't know if it's because I've been ill this last week but can't imagine TWO MORE MONTHS. Don't think my stomach will stretch that far. Annoying as have been smug at how good I've felt up to now.

50shadesofmeh Sat 16-Feb-13 00:09:41

I had to finish work as was totally done in I don't know how anyone manages working up to 30 odd plus weeks if they are on feet

enjay0811 Sat 16-Feb-13 00:28:12

Love this thread grin thought I was the only miserable sod out there at the moment.31 wks and moody, grumpy, tired all the time, have sciatica, achey hips, legs, arse and back, can't get comfy and need to pee 3 times a night. Can't wait to start mat leave in 6 wks time, work jst pissing me off and 2dd's jst wearing me out! ....and 9 more wks to go....still lol at 'bucket fanny' grin

Mylittlepuds Sat 16-Feb-13 09:00:23

Ugh I feel like I can't even fit air in my lungs this morning. Bloody hell. Keep the moans coming.

space21 Sat 16-Feb-13 10:12:00

How do u get comfy at night? Even with 5 pillows I still wake up with backache and/or round ligament pain about 20 times a night!!
I have a pillow down each side but still difficult.

Any tips?

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