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Moving to Scotland at 32weeks

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AlisonL1981 Sun 13-Jan-13 08:50:20

Hi, I'm due to move to Scotland (370 miles away from where I live now), I will obviously have to register with a new doctor, midwife and hospital. I have an underactive thyroid and have to have blood tests and see the hospital against 36 weeks. Has anyone else moved to another area late in pregnancy? Can if be a smooth transition? Any thoughts of advice?! Xx

usernamegoeshere Sun 13-Jan-13 11:21:13

What part are you moving too? I would try to contact your new GP early to find out procedures, research which hospital etc. Personally I would avoid telling your current area until safely moved to next one in case of delays.

RillaBlythe Sun 13-Jan-13 11:27:42

I moved cities around then in my pregnancy. It was fine. Take your notes with you, go to a GP immediately to register & get into the system. People were very helpful with me.

AlisonL1981 Sun 13-Jan-13 12:15:52

I'm moving to Ayrshire. I lived there a few years ago so know the area. I told the midwife when I first saw her that I'd be moving but haven't told my consultant at the hospital.

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