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RH NEGATIVE and Sensitization queston

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looneytune Wed 09-Jan-13 12:45:01

I've been researching a lot but cannot find an answer to this on the internet so although doubtful anyone on here would know, I thought I'd ask anyway smile

I'm trying to find out how soon after sensitization (when my blood and baby's blood mixes) would my body start producing antibodies?

As I've said, I'm sure I won't get the answer but I thought it was worth asking as you never know!

MahnaMahna Wed 09-Jan-13 13:21:29

I'm not sure how soon it is. Have you bumped yourself?

During my pregnancy I had a few bleeds, and each time I had to go in the same day to have the injection.

Sorry I wasn't more helpful! x

Anothercuppatea Wed 09-Jan-13 13:28:58

I had bump and the same day they took me into hospital to test blood. I presume to check for antibodies. So perhaps it's fairly immediate. After I'd had test they called me back in for injection. I was panicing cos I assumed they must have found antibodies. But when I quizzed the nurse she was fairly clueless an didnt seem to be able to confirm if they had found anything. And said we normally give the injection just in case anyway.
Not sure if that helps at all...

looneytune Wed 09-Jan-13 13:29:34

No problem but thanks for posting. It's a long story but the short version is I've had 7 small bleeds since 17th December but I didn't get my first Anti D until 30th December (so way past the 72 hours), by then I'd had 5 bleeds.

DH is A+ so high chance baby is (one of mine is neg, another is positive). Yesterday I was put under consultant care and following a blood test the night before they decided to do a special test (they don't normally do as expensive) which will tell us what this baby's blood group is. I'm just trying to work out why they suddenly decided to do this and wondering if it's because they have evidence there has been a mix of bloods? If so, this must be from one of the first bleeds as I've had anti ds within 72 hours of the others. This is why I'm wanting to know how long it takes for evidence of antibodies to be shown on a blood test as I currently have 'none detected' (which is good) and if I know the body produces them pretty quick then I'm not really worried about it. Does that make sense?

Anothercuppatea Wed 09-Jan-13 13:36:52

I worried about it a lot. I am a worrier!
I seem to remember googling and asking midwife about it. I think the early bleeds are unlikely to cause any sensitisation. Which is why they don't give the injection routinely til 30 weeks. I think it might be to do with the placenta not being fully formed or something. How many weeks are you?
I probably shouldn't advise as I really don't know. But I think antibodies would develop quickly. Which is why they give the injection 72hrs after birth.

looneytune Wed 09-Jan-13 13:57:11

Hi, I am not too worried about this, it's more I like to understand the facts and I want to make sure I have questions for the consultant when I go to the appointment. I'm pretty sure as the antibodies showed none detected that all is fine but one person yesterday mentioned something about babies blood mixing with mine and then the consultant came in, my husband was called in for blood and loads was taken from me and it seems to be linked to the fact I had that almost 2 week period of not having the anti d. So it's this that made me curious really.

I'm 17 weeks.

On a positve note, I've just found out that this test being done not only identifies the baby's rh factor but also the sex so I might know that in a week smile

looneytune Wed 09-Jan-13 14:00:05

p.s. the reason I did get the anti d for so long is because the first GP just told me threatened mc and nothing thy could do and to see GP if had another bleed and not to phone the maternity ward. I did that on the 2nd bleed and saw another GP who checked heartbeat and that's it. Neither GP said I needed anti d. It's only thanks to Mumsnet that I phoned maternity ward after my 5th bleed and they said I should have gone in from the first one! Bloomin GPs!

Anothercuppatea Wed 09-Jan-13 14:27:01

Ok. Hope all goes well and all becomes clear once you speak to consultant. Sounds like not a worry at the moment.

looneytune Wed 09-Jan-13 14:36:15

No, I'm not worried. Just very interested in finding out that last bit of info as then I'll feel a proper expert in the whole subject! grin

Hopingforno2 Fri 11-Jan-13 17:21:40

Hi again looneytune if antibodies showed up in your test then you wouldnt get the injection or so ive been told had they shown up i would have been reffered to a specialist but the injection is given each time as a prophalatic but obv they need to know your results either way. Ive been told you have a 72 hour period after a bleed so im guessing thats how long they take to sensitize?

Runswithsquirrels Fri 11-Jan-13 19:02:35

Looneytunes I read the two posts you started about this and just want to say thank you. I had no idea I would need anti D if bleeding as no one told me - they just said I would get one routinely at X weeks. I have been spotting but there was more blood today so I spent seven hours in A and E waiting for the injection. Hopefully this means bubba is okay. X

looneytune Fri 11-Jan-13 19:45:07

Hopingforno2 - Yes you're right, they wouldn't give the anti d if antibodies were detected as it's only any good at PREVENTING the body from making the antibodies. I guessed it must be around 72 hours due to the 72 hour thing with getting the jab but I just wanted to check because I'd been told there'd been a mixing of blood but that no antibodies had been detected. I was mainly concerned about the 13 days I went without the anti d but if I'm not showing antibodis then all must be ok. I get the test results back from Bristol next week and will then know if this baby is RH neg or Positive, if negative I can stop all these trips to the hospital (just been back for another jab (last one was on Tues!).

Runswithsquirrels - hope you are ok? Do you not have a ward you can go straight to for these? I've never had to go to A&E. But yes, every single tiny bleed after 12 weeks needs to be communicated to them (for me it's the Day Assessment Unit in our hospital's Labour ward). I will be complaining to the Drs surgery about this and telling them to highlight this with their GPs as I saw 2 of them and neither said I needed to check about anti d. It's only after 5 of the bleeds and me chatting on here that I found out (13 days after the first one)! I think I might start a new thread just highlighting this to all other RH NEG mums! Anyway, let me know how you are. I've had 9 now but each time has been blood on wiping and that's all (but they say I still have to go in).

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