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Antibodies detected in pregnancy?

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alwaysamummy Fri 23-Nov-12 19:21:06

Hello everyone. I am hoping some of you lovely folk can help with something. 12weeks pregnant with 4th baby, all other pregnancies been fine, but threatening miscarraige with this wee baba, and also possible twin, but only one baby there now. So i have been given the all-clear thankfully, until today, when midwife rang to say antibodies in my blood. She wondered if i ever had transfusions, no, havent. So they believe its my husbands blood that is causing my production of antibodies. All our other children have been fine. So why now? I am rh positive, hubby rh neg. He has had issues with his blood in past few years though. Please anybody have an inkling what might be going on? Or experience in such matters? Hubby for blood tests in 2 days. We just have no idea on what this could be. Worried worried worried.

amazingmumof6 Sat 24-Nov-12 02:22:39

poor you, sorry to hear.
no idea, just wanted to offer support....remember that tests get mixed up/misread sometimes, if no explanation after DH's test get another blood test for you, it might be nothing!

I'd also want to test children are ok, if you discover something.

probably none of this is helpful, sorry smile

redspottydress Sat 24-Nov-12 03:27:38

Try not to worry. I had two types of antibody - jka and fya. There is a slight risk that they can cause anemia in your baby but you will be under consultant led care and it will be monitored. They may want to check your dhs blood type - its only a problem if his blood contains the type of blood you have antibodies for anyway. I do not know where mine came from - no transfusion - but my baby was unaffected. They will need to make sure that any blood you may need to receive is carefully matched and you will prob get a card to carry in your purse. Definitely not a problem for your dcs though. Hope all goes smoothly from here. Sorry to hear about the twin.

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