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40 + 3 waiting for pfb, how are you filling your day?

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mameulah Sat 17-Nov-12 15:34:21

I know, one day soon (I hope) I will be really busy, tired and overwhelmed and I will look back at this time and wonder why I complained. But what are you doing to fill the LONG days waiting for the arrival of your pfb?

I have fulfilled even my wildest nesting dreams. Every day feels like it is two weeks long, I am uncomfortable and tired. I know that maximum I have nine days left before I am induced but that to me seems like FOREVER.

Anyone else struggling, or not struggling because they have found a good way of getting through it?

MB34 Sat 17-Nov-12 19:08:17

I'm 40+4 and every day I think I need to start nesting but I just haven't got the urge! So my days are filled with thoughts of doing it, then finding something (in the words of 'Why Don't You') less boring instead lol!

Today, I got up late, washed my hair, went shopping with my mum, went for a late lunch that lasted 2 hours and now I'm home waiting for DH to get home and for X Factor!

Mostly I'm enjoying the peace, quiet and being able to do what I want, when I want - I went to the cinema on my own last week, have been for a facial and a pedicure and try to go for a daily outing - even if it's just to Tesco or see a friend for half hour!

I think it helps that I am actually sleeping in the nights so I'm not tired and irritable during the day.

Is there anything that you'll miss doing (eg going for meals/cinema with DP/family) or anything that is a treat now that you won't be able to do (eg pampering) once baby is here?

mameulah Sat 17-Nov-12 21:30:52


Good idea about the pictures, I think I might do that tomorrow.

Honestly, I have done absolutely everything I can think of. I have even drawn up a spreadsheet for next years Christmas shopping and one day this week I even did the recycling twice! And I have met everyone I have ever known for coffee, which has been lovely.

Patience is a virtue, I just don't think I have anymore left!

MB34 Sat 17-Nov-12 22:35:21

Oh, you've reminded me - I might just write all my Christmas cards, put up a few decs and wrap some pressies in the next few days. Although, you sound so organised about next year, I'm guessing you've done all that already for this year?!

I've also got a few programs/films on my sky planner that I need to watch so will do that too and maybe read a book!

I don't know if you can download anything from the internet but I find that listening to a relaxation cd has helped me (where the cd actually takes you through stages of relaxation). I've been for hypnobirthing sessions and still do the relaxation exercises and even my midwife has commented on how much more calm and relaxed I am now than before I started!

mameulah Sun 18-Nov-12 12:03:25

Well MB I have addressed the Christmas cards and stamped them but as of yet I haven't written them, hopefully our wee one will be out by then and I will be able to write his/her name on them too!

A really good idea about the birthing techniques. I did get a wee bit into reading about it all a while back but frankly the novelty of it wore off. Thanks for the inspiration!

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