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OMG bloating!

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dontcarehow Thu 01-Nov-12 10:09:28

I had bad bloting for the first trimester and thought it had largely gone away. Now 23 weeks and its back. I've had enough and just wanted a bit of a rant! I don't understand it when people say they are eating like a horse because if I have even a small snack I'm full for the next 5 hours. I think I'd gladly swap it for sleepless nights right now! at least then I'll be able to eat without being in pain. grrrrrrr stupid hormones.

panicnotanymore Thu 01-Nov-12 10:17:07

Have you tried mixing ground linseed into cereal etc? It isn't the nicest tasting stuff in the world, but it does soothe the gut, help prevent constipation and give you a big dose of omegas. I swear by it (and I have a really poor digestive system).

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