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Sorry TMI but anyone else had fanoir irritation/thrush at 35/36 weeks?

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DangerMousey Wed 31-Oct-12 09:38:32

Things just don't feel right 'down there'. It feels a bit burny and sore when I pee, but urine test came back negative for UTI.

Also, my fanoir feels sore, itchy, I have thrush. I am currently waiting for the results of a swab to confirm it is thrush, but it has worried me a bit cos when my MW did the swab last week, it was really sore up there sad

So of course now I am thinking "jesus, if it's that sore when she puts a tiny cotton-bud-like swab up there, what the hell is it going to feel like when a baby's head comes down???"

I have had a few high vaginal swabs in the past , and have never found them sore before. Also, I have never found smear tests sore. So something's definitely changed/wrong up there.

Could this be a normal symptom of late pregnancy, or is it likely that i have some kind of nasty infection?? Will it clear up in the next few weeks before I have to give birth? Bleeeee.

Paddocks1 Wed 31-Oct-12 10:54:53

I could have written this post myself!
I'm currently 36 weeks and have had a reoccurring UTI for the past 4 weeks plus. So a month of antibiotics caused me to then get thrush (oh the glamour) A few days of Canneston sorted it out though and its back to normal..Thank god!

You can just buy the cream over the counter and its safe to use the pessary etc and it cleared straight away..and i had the same symptoms as you!
Hope you get it sorted :-)

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