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Doodlekitty Thu 25-Oct-12 18:48:44

Hey all
It's my due date tomorrow and my regular midwife appointment. My consultant says she will induce me at 10 days overdue (but have not decided if I'll go for this).
Last week when I was at midwife she said that at my next appointment we would "see about a sweep". I'm not sure if this means she'll make me an appointment for a sweep or just do one, and I'm not entirely sure what this will involve. Any experience?

Flisspaps Thu 25-Oct-12 19:02:42

Why has your consultant decided that? Glad you're aware it's not compulsory to be induced.

A sweep - also optional - involves a VE where the MW tries to get a finger into the cervix and 'sweeps' round the inside to separate the membranes from the uterine wall in order to attempt to trigger labour. It's uncomfortable, sometimes painful, but is done during a normal AN appointment and you can walk/drive/get the bus after. There is a slight risk of infection or your waters being broken. It can cause cramping and bleeding.

It only works if you're likely to go into labour anyway - so it's up to you whether or not you go for it, or wait a few days and see if things start spontaneously.

squidgeberry Thu 25-Oct-12 19:05:32

Could be either, I had one appointment for a sweep and an extra one at a normal appointment. The midwife will check your cervix and if she can reach it, she will attempt a stretch and sweep - she will run her fingers just round the top of the cervix. Sometimes it can bring on labour, but only if you are already ready to go.

I just got a week of bloody show and was induced anyway

Doodlekitty Thu 25-Oct-12 19:07:35

Thanks fliss

I'm under the consultant due to high bmi and apparently they were worried this could result in a small baby. At all scans and appointments baby has been bang on the 50th centile and consultant was thrilled that I have not put on much weight (just what is expected) but said when I go into labour they will automatically give me a line in (in case I need it and they can't find a vein) and would induce me at 10 days overdue. To be honest I did not question it, just sort of smiled and nodded. I'd like to point out I'm not massive, but am overweight with a bmi which classes me as obese, but only just.

Flisspaps Thu 25-Oct-12 20:56:55

If you want to accept the sweep you can. If you want to decline it, you can.

If you want to accept the induction, you can. If you want to decline it, you can.

If you want to accept the cannula in labour, you can. If you want to decline the cannula being inserted in labour, you can.

None of these things are a given, and you have to consent to each and every procedure. They cannot automatically insert a cannula into you. They cannot automatically induce you at +10. I would certainly question why the consultant would still suggest induction seeing as baby is expected to be average size!

I was considered high risk for labour and birth for various things and declined a cannula 'just in case', declined consultant care throughout my pregnancy, was found to be expecting a larger than average baby and still planned a home birth 'against medical advice'. I looked into every procedure/test/service offered and made a decision based on my personal situation rather than a blanket policy.

I am not saying you should decline these things, but it is important (imo) for all women to be aware of what they are being offered, why they are being offered it, and the risks and benefits of each thing (as you are doing now with the sweep!)

TheDetective Thu 25-Oct-12 21:03:29

Wot Fliss said. smile

Doodlekitty Fri 26-Oct-12 11:29:00

Turned down a sweep today. Will reassess in 7 days. I have no faith at all in my midwife so would rather just allow things to move at baby's speed.

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