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Travel at 36 weeks?

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Bananice Thu 18-Oct-12 05:12:55

Not me, my husband.... He currently has a work trip abroad planned for three days when I will be 36 weeks pregnant. It's a 3.5 hour flight away from where we live and he would be unable to get back any other way. Should I be concerned? It's our first baby and my fear is that I will go into labour while he is away and unable to get a flight back.

It's a rather crucial trip: he could send someone else in his place but it would be bad for his career progression. I don't want to create a fuss and ask him to stay as I am sure chances of anything happening at that stage are slim... but what would everyone else do? Ask him to stay, or just sit very still on the sofa for the three days he is gone relax about it as nothing is likely to happen?

Zara1984 Thu 18-Oct-12 05:34:38

My husband was away for work for most of September, his last trip was for a week when I was 36 weeks (3 hour flight away). If it's really important for his work then he should go. 3.5 hours away is nothing, he'll always be able to get back. It's so hard to predict what on earth will happen in pregnancy or parenthood. Do you stop your partner travelling for work for the first 12-18 weeks for example, in case you have a miscarriage? Or do you stop him travelling for work when the baby is less than six months old etc? When I travelled super-longhaul alone (30 hours!) at 8 weeks many people thought I was bonkers because of eg what happened if I have a miscarriage on the plane. You can't live your life like that!

I say this even after having a week of hospital admission this past week with sudden high blood pressure & bleeding at 38 weeks! smile

It'll be fine smile smile Do you have a friend/family member nearby you could call on as moral support in the unlikely event you went into labour etc?

mummy2benji Thu 18-Oct-12 08:13:24

Yes I was going to ask if you have a relative nearby who would be with you if you had any problems? My hubby was away on several essential courses in Sept up until I was about 36 weeks. The furthest was 4 hours drive away so not quite the same as a flight but still a reasonable distance. I was a week early with ds and have 2 friends who recently gave birth at 31 weeks so I was a little anxious but everything was fine. 36 weeks is better for him to have to go than 38 or 39 weeks! I would make sure you have all his contact details there - his hotel number, number of a colleague in case his mobile wasn't working - so you know you can get in touch with him asap if needed. If anything did arise he would just have to hotfoot it to the airport, explain the situation to the help desk and get himself on the next flight back.

FranTan Thu 18-Oct-12 08:39:46

I would try not to worry too much and let him go. My husband works away during the week (3.5 hour drive) and I'm 34 weeks. This will continue until after the baby is born and I'm trusting he'll make it back in time. This is my second baby and I'm hoping it will be a quick labour this time, and you know what? I would rather a quick labour on my own in hospital than a protracted one with husband by my side.

You might still have 6 weeks to go (what a thought!) so chances are you will be absolutely fine.

Bananice Thu 18-Oct-12 08:41:46

Thanks for the replies. My mother lives very close by and could easily help me out if he was away while anything happened. To be honest, it's not me I'm concerned about as much as him: he's excited about the birth and I would feel badly for him if he misses it!

I think I just need to relax and let him make the decision. Chances are if I asked him not to go, I'd end up going in to labour two weeks past my due date!

issimma Thu 18-Oct-12 08:42:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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