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UTI or just the baby?

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datingthedevil Mon 08-Oct-12 16:31:54


I'm sorry to ask another question!

Last week when I saw the midwife she said I had some protein in my urine and asked if I had a UTI.

I'm going to the loo lots and get the feeling I need to go as soon as I've just been, but I don't have the burning feeling or any other symptoms/signs.

How can I tell if the constant need for the loo is a UTI or the baby being a pickle and jumping on my bladder? ?

Many thanks

C xx

Paddocks1 Mon 08-Oct-12 16:36:50


I have had the exact same. I didn't get the normal stinging feeling or any other symptoms but i felt a bit eugh. Turns out i did have a UTI so i was given a prescription of antibiotics. So its best to get checked out by your doctor else it think they can be quite bad if left to develop.

negativecreep Mon 08-Oct-12 16:42:12

how far along are you? protein in the urine is a warning sign of pre-eclampsia. don't mean to worry you but i kept getting protein in the urine towards the end and it turned out that is what it was so i'd still be careful plus it could be the baby as you say causing the frequency for a wee but the protein could be something else. is your blood pressure ok?

datingthedevil Mon 08-Oct-12 17:25:26

Hiya, I'm 30+4 currently. I havent had any protein in the wee before last week and they keep saying my blood pressure is ok.
I literally go, walk out of the loo and feel i need to go again.
Maybe I should go to the doc just to be on the safe side? Thank you!

spandau1980 Mon 08-Oct-12 17:51:09

Im weeing all day its been panic over if i have a uti and flipping antibiotic s i didn't need that made me ill.. i can't take penicillin so antibiotic s in pregnancy are a worry and being told to take them just in case..til results come in is not a good plan...
mine must be baby iv had it since week sixteen!

freya86 Mon 08-Oct-12 20:08:20

This happened to me today, feeling so unwell and lots of being sick and weeing more! Spoke to the doctor who asked me to come in and turns out I had a uti as well, which is weird because I get them all the time before but never had one without the stinging etc. So definitely go get it checked!
Hope you're ok and this helps xxx

seabuckthorn Mon 08-Oct-12 20:48:53

I would go back to the doc with a fresh first morning wee sample. They will probably send your sample to the lab to be tested.
Hope you feel better, I definitely wouldn't leave it. Pregnancy is uncomfortable enough as it is!

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