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rib/breast pain plus gland swollen - 28 weeks pregnant

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3rdbump Thu 04-Oct-12 17:56:48

Over the past week or so sitting upright or up atall is causing me alot of discomfort.
I am 28 +2 pregnant. I have an old injury to my right shoulder blade region which i did suffer from now and then before pregnancy - like a dull ache. However its relly flared up and constantly aches unless i lie on my left side. Sitting at th computer is agony - pain eases a bit if i move about. I also have the pain stretching round under my right breast - rib area. Thats really uncomfortable and feels as though theres alot of pressure pushing upwards in this region.
Its making me really miserable as i cannot get comfortable especially if i sit normally or lie on my right side - it constantly aches.
Another thing is my gland seems to be up under my left arm pit making it sore and tender - do you think these things are all linked??
Midwife appointment not for another 6 weeks.
Is it worth seeing the doc?

hazeldog Thu 04-Oct-12 17:59:43

I've had a similar pain like my liver was being squashed in both pregnancies. Apparently its quite a common place to have pain when your insides are being squashed upwards. See your gp if you're worried

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