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Progesterone test, general fear, early pregnancy scan and flying

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princesschick Thu 04-Oct-12 12:47:28

Ok, just to warn you that it's neurosis central here this morning!

I got my BFP on Tuesday and this is a much wanted pregnancy after 24 cycles of TTC and 2 miscarriages both at 6wks2. I am currently 4wks4, which is silly early days but the symptoms are already starting to kick in (weeing all the time, sore-ish boobs, hunger, achy back, light crampy feelings, slight nausea...)

I am going for a private progesterone test on Tuesday (5wk2) because I'm paranoid that low progesterone has caused past pregnancies to fail. My 7DPO test was 30.2, which I consider quite low, although consultant thinks this is tickety-boo. I have been following a special diet (fertility nutritionist prescribed) for the past 6 months to even out my hormones and the 7DPO test was done 3 months in, so I think that the diet may have had an effect. But then maybe not, because I wouldn't have been able to get pregnant in the past. Basically, I'm convinced the diet has done something because my PMS has been much better and periods have been like clockwork. We also had to abstain from TTC for 3 months and it's only taken 3 cycles to get a BFP; I'm also convinced that I had a chemical pregnancy last month. Stlll, I'm still paranoid that I'm not making enough progesterone, which could be causing the embryo to give up and not develop a heart. Far fetched, I know, but it's just one of those feelings. confused Has anyone else had a progesterone test in early pregnancy / any supplements to help / any happy stories?

So, I'm not a complete, complete nervous wreck, the bolshy part of me is delighted and positive and thinking happy thoughts and repeating the mantra "Calm and Relaxed" 5 times as instructed by Zita West. It's just that creepy, horrid little voice and I want to be pragmatic and deal with this all sensibly.

Is it worth going for an early pregnancy scan? If so, what is the optimum time to go? Is it worth discussing with my GP tomorrow? She is a gold star brilliant GP who is completely aware of how we have been through the mill and she knows that we want this so much, so she will be very sympathetic. I suppose it can't help. Anyone else out there who has been able to have an early pregnancy scan via the NHS? Or is this another thing to book privately. Or should I just leave alone and hope for the best?

Finally, is flying ok in the first trimester? I'm booked onto a short flight to visit parents (overseas) tomorrow and the last time I flew pregnant at a similar time, I ended up miscarrying. Really the timing of this trip, for me, couldn't be worse.

I know that most MCs are down to chromosome problems (85% - I've been told by most of the doctors and consultants we've seen - and that's many) but the coincidence thing is almost too much for me to bare. I do not want this to become a self fulfilling prophecy.

CALM AND RELAXED! Oh how I wish I truly were!!

Anyway, any advice, hand holding etc much appreciated smile thanks

farfallarocks Thu 04-Oct-12 13:04:43

Firstly congrats on your much awaited BFP and I totally sympathise with the early days metalling.
I had 2 early miscarriages last year and my progesterone readings post ovulation, whilst ok,, were always on the low side.
I also had a clotting problem discovered during MC testing.
So, when I got a BFP in Februray I started straight away on progesterone supplements and heparin for the clotting. I had HCG and progesterone tests every 2 days for the first week to check the numbers were ticking up because I had spotting which was exactly how my MCs had started. When the spotting got really bad I doubled the progesterone so was on 400mg x2 a day.
I flew to the caribbean at 5 weeks and all was well, consultant reassured me no risks at all but just to drink a lot of water and walk around a lot.

I then had a scan at 6 weeks and saw a heartbeat and then again at 9 weeks.
All of this I found was necessary for my mental health during those awful first few weeks.
I am now 36 weeks.
Best of luck!

princesschick Thu 04-Oct-12 13:56:03

Thanks so much Farfalla . Your post means a lot. I've had the recurrent MC blood tests for clotting which were fine. I think I'll end up with progesterone supplements - just a hunch - great to hear a success story. I've had no spotting so far, which has to be a good thing and is making me feel reassured - albeit a little. All the very best with the last few weeks of your pregnancy and of course the birth. What a lovely story thanks

farfallarocks Thu 04-Oct-12 14:26:51

Pleasure and keeping all crossed for you!
If you do end up on progesterone then my tip would be to use the tradesman's entrance as I found it very irritating to use vaginally.

princesschick Thu 04-Oct-12 14:35:23

I've heard this before wink Thanks for the tip. That confirms how I will, er, apply the progesterone if needed! grin

cogitosum Mon 12-Nov-12 10:35:20

princesschick how did it go?

I got a bfp last week after mmc in June. I've just been to dr. I had blood test 7 day post ovulation to check I was ovulating. She said today that it showed I hadn't ovulated which obviously I had as now had bfp.

She seemed unconcerned and just said it must be one of those strange things and drs don't have all the answers etc. but I think my progesterone levels must be low and I'm really worried. Where did you have the private test as I would really like one.


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