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Anyone's dc1 started to misbehave when you were having another dc2?

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Nicky1306 Sun 30-Sep-12 10:01:14


As above really DD is being awful at the moment she doesn't do as she's asked, she usually does the exact opposite, or ignores me totally , she answers back.

The thing that is getting me down at the moment is just sheer defiance, she wakes early every day, every day she is told play in your room until mummy tells you it's time to get up. Every day from 430 am until I give in and get up she comes into my room and wakes me up , Is it time to get up yet? Is it time to get up yet ? Is it time to get up yet ? It's not the waking me up that bothers me so much it's the fact she knows she's not supposed to and ignores me every time! She has oooodles of toys in her bedroom do she'll never not have something to play with in there.

I could understand if she was two or three but she's 6 in April this only started about 8 months ago and it's getting worse not better I'm so fed up of being ignored :0( xx
Has anyone got any advice ?

AlisonDB Sun 30-Sep-12 10:47:17

Its a hard one, my son is just turned 5,
Expecting baby 2 in December, he is very excited at being a big brother but is testing us at the moment,
Im sure he is just wanting the reassuance that we will still love him when baby comes,
We just keep telling him how much we love him, how much baby will love him and we are trying to spend good quality time with him, giving him lots of praise,
This way when he tests us we can disapline him without him feeling worried or insecure,
Time out works really well for minor things, for more serious things we are removing privilages!!
He HATES this! But he understands that its because he is not behaving as we expect him too.
Friday night is family movie night, but he was such a pain on friday he went to bed at the usual time, he was so upset to miss out, but we expliained the reasons why and he went to bed, saturday morning he woke up and apologised again and was an angel all day, and has been today too (so far)

Can your daughter tell basic time yet?
I would put a clock in her room, and show her using the long hand when its time for her to leave her room and disturb you.
If she ignores you, remove privilages,
Favorite toy, bedtime story, special treat, etc...

Sadly if you Dont do this now, it may (as we feel with our son)
It will get worse when baby is here.

Good luck!

3rdbump Sun 30-Sep-12 14:20:16

I totally feel your pain! i have 2 kids, eldest boy is 8 and very much looking forward to having a baby brother in December, however my daughter who is 7 is not.
She throws tantrums - yes proper tantrums like screaming, throwing herself on the floor and kicking etc if she can't get her own way. She has an attitude to boot and is very cheeky and can be very sarcastic with other adults - i believe she knows she is doing this!! she constantly screams at her brother when they fight/argue and regularly comes into my room at 7am to wake me up despite being told not to at weekends - i tell her not to disturb me and she screams full force, slamming doors etc........
Nightmare!! god knows what shes going to be like when baby comes.
She is very hard work but when she is good she is very good and very helpful, its as though she is going through some sort of teenage hormonal thing, more 15 than 7. sigh

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