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Baby it just me?

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joolee Mon 15-Dec-03 09:46:48

I am 37 weeks pregnant but since August the baby has had regular 'hiccups' inside me at least once a day. Is this the same for anyone else? And does anyone know why this happens?

My midwife said it was common but didn't say why it actually happened. I get visions of the baby getting drunk on amniotic fluid

tabitha Mon 15-Dec-03 10:01:01

Hi joolee,
I'm 33 weeks (nearly) and my baby gets hiccups too. So did my other three and they were all fine. Can't shed any light on what causes it though.

samACon Mon 15-Dec-03 10:07:12

My DD hiccupped all through my pregnancy, and just to warn you , she's now 6 weeks and STILL hiccups all the time!

zebra Mon 15-Dec-03 10:07:57

They drove me MAD in my first pregnancy... I think it's because of the immaturity of the baby's diaphragm?

marne Mon 15-Dec-03 13:33:16

Hi, im 34 weeks pregnant my baby gets hiccups up to 4 times a day, seems to happen more when i'm led on my back and after i have eaten! Sometimes it lasts up to half an hour!

Freddiecat Mon 15-Dec-03 13:36:10

I got that loads when I was pregnant last time too. I read somewhere that the hiccups help to develop the muscles that the baby needs to breathe when it is born.

futurity Mon 15-Dec-03 14:14:15

I got that loads and he hiccuped alot when he was a baby as well. I loved the feeling of it in my tummy though once I had asked the midwife what it was (was worried something was wrong!)

SoupDragon Mon 15-Dec-03 14:17:35

Both mine did this and continued to hiccup lots after the birth too

M2T Mon 15-Dec-03 14:23:56

I actually thought ds was having a fit at one point in my pregnancy coz they were sooooooo violent!!

He was a very hiccuppy (is that a word?) baby too. Very sweet.

slug Mon 15-Dec-03 14:53:24

4pm, on the dot, every day, ever since I could feel her move. It drove me barmy! Having said that, she hiccupped for months afterwards. The only thing that stopped it was feeding.

M2T Mon 15-Dec-03 14:56:58

After ds was born his hiccups would keep him amused for a good half an hour whilst I got a cup of tea! He was quite delighted with them.

SoupDragon Mon 15-Dec-03 15:20:59

The annoying thing about DSs hiccups whilst still a bump is that they were always just as I'd settled down to go to sleep and was just dropping off.

Epigirl Mon 15-Dec-03 16:09:24

Don't know why it happens but ds hiccuped for weeks when I was pregnant and still has violent hiccupping fits now he's 15 weeks! Had none of this with dd.

Good luck!

Hayls Mon 15-Dec-03 16:15:44

What do they feel like then? I'm 34 weeks and don't know if I've felt them!

zebra Mon 15-Dec-03 17:59:44

Rhythemic, persistent, little poppings in your bump; unmissable! My baby wasn't actually very hiccupy when he came out, though, funny enough.

Ghosty Mon 15-Dec-03 18:53:38

My bump hiccups a lot too! I am 33 and a half weeks now ... and it drives me mad sometimes ...
DS was the same but I don't remember him being particularly hiccuppy as a baby ... he just chundered for England

Hulababy Mon 15-Dec-03 19:27:13

My DD used to get hiccups lots too when I was carrying her. Towards the end it was clearly visable. DH thought it was amusing. She had hiccups for the first few weeks on and off too.

Linnet Mon 15-Dec-03 23:04:24

When I was pregnant with my dd she got hiccups a lot. She even had hiccups when I was in labour and after she was born she suffered them again. The Midwives told me after she was born that small babies get hiccups when they are hungry, can't remember if feeding helped all that much or not now as it was so long ago.
Even now she is very prone to hiccups and she's 6.

CountessDracula Mon 15-Dec-03 23:06:05

My dd hiccupped for the last 2 months in the womb and then for about the first 3 months out!

Caroline5 Tue 16-Dec-03 21:18:44

Both my dds were real hiccupers! In fact I knew dd2 had turned round from breach because I could feel her hiccups were in a different place!

joolee Wed 17-Dec-03 20:48:17

Thanks for all the comments! Good to know I am not the only one

prissygirl Sun 27-Jul-08 17:39:23

I am 6 weeks pregnant right now and last night during a movie I experienced what felt like hiccups in the womb.
I didnt feel those during my first pregnancy so this felt a little bit different. Glad to know someone else has felt hiccups.

Sassafrass Sun 27-Jul-08 17:59:32

I've read that they hiccup sometimes when drinking the amniotic fluid, which they do as practice for breathing.

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