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tips for pain relieving over the final few weeks

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GirlWithTheMouseyHair Sun 23-Oct-11 09:47:11

I seem to have reached a plateau with the osteopath-miracle-working on my SPD, have a cough which has twisted or done something to some muscles near my lungs and am generally feeling pretty achey most of the day - by the end of the day am in a fair amount of pain.

I know I need to just rest (and thankfully am still sleeping well and lieing down seems to settle it all so I wake every morning feeling much better) but I have a toddler and DH is abroad for the next 2 weeks - any tips for pain relief, be it the limited drugs I can take, whether it's worth seeing a physio or what! 35 weeks so a little way to go yet!

RockChick1984 Sun 23-Oct-11 11:20:27

No tips really, just try to rest as much as possible! Does your toddler still have a nap? If so I'd say go for a lie down! Limit the housework etc you are doing to the bare minimum. Is there anyone who could take your DC for an hour sometimes to give you a chance to put your feet up? Paracetamol should take the edge off, but ideally don't take too often! I didn't have SPD but had sciatica, and found a bath or swimming really helped, could you take your DC swimming occasionally?

brettgirl2 Sun 23-Oct-11 13:54:38

I think that taking paracetamol occasionally it actually pointless. I was told by a dr when I was crippled with my first pregnancy to take it at full dose and after a few days things started to get (slightly) better. Paracetamol is safe - it is simply not true to say 'not often' if someone can hardly walk.

Mad though it sounds have you thought of acupuncture? It is meant to be good for pain and during this pregnancy I have had acupunture monthly and not had the pelvic pain. Of course it may be co-incidence it is impossible to say! My acupuncturist is adamant that it is pretty powerful for keeping the balance in terms of pregnancy pelvic pain.

TheMummyAbroad Sun 23-Oct-11 18:15:05

I second what brettgirl2 says about paracetomol. I was told to take it for SPD by my doc and she said it is more effective if you take it consecutively. Because its an anti-nflamatory you get an accumulative effect if you are taking it at regular intervals and not letting the inflamed muscles and ligaments flair up again.

Obviously dont overdose though, stick strictly to instructions on the packet or your doctors advice (mine was every 6 hours)

Some people are prescribed paracetomol with co-codemol in it, you could ask your doc, but personally I am steering clear because co-codemol makes you really constipated and I know that would just add to my woes.

Do be careful if you do find a medication that "works" that it doesnt make you become more active and therefore do more damage! Listen to what your body is telling you and rest when it hurts.

GirlWithTheMouseyHair Sun 23-Oct-11 18:51:56

thanks so much - I didn't know that about paracetemol, I've only been taking it infrequently, so will give it a go letting it accumulate - but yes I have fallen victim to then pushing my body more than I should!

Acupucture is a good idea, My massage therapist works with an acupuncturist, and she does reflexology for me, so I'll ask her advice on someone local.

Thanks so much, I hate the fact that I'm whinging about it so much but also can't believe after such an easy 1st pregnancy this one has really taken its toll, and aside from the pain I'm really enjoying being pregnant!

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